With Script Control for Remote Support, Administrators can create predefined PowerShell scripts and set either edit-only or execute-only permissions with our easy-to-use role based access controls.  With these PowerShell scripts at their fingertips, Analysts can gather information, troubleshoot common issues, make device configuration changes, and install software applications without risk.


Analysts can leverage this app to: 

  • Create and remotely execute custom and pre-defined PowerShell scripts to any device
  • Edit pre-defined script templates to provide your own customizations to a script before execution
  • Use PowerShell to gather important information to help with troubleshooting
  • Make changes to remote machines using PowerShell to solve more complex problems
  • Execute PowerShell scripts specific to your environment to solve common organizational problems

Administrators can leverage this app to: 

  • Create pre-defined PowerShell script templates that can be run by Analysts and other users
  • Configure role-based access control for each individual script to set permissions for viewing, editing, and deploying
  • Define custom arguments for each script using secure information from Analysts with access to run the script
  • Audit script execution against any given client to see what was run, by whom, and when
  • Pin custom PowerShell scripts to action buttons within the one-click, quick launch, and remote actions areas of Remote Support

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