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What is Microsoft Service Management?

Since 2010, if you wanted to use Microsoft technology for IT Service Management, it starts with System Center Service Manager.

Look, we get it. It's on-premise and not as modern as other SaaS solutions.

Cireson's Service Manager Portal combines with SCSM to rival leading SaaS ITSM vendor platforms without the leading SaaS ITSM vendor cost.

Modernize the SCSM Experience

Give analysts and end users added features in a single HTML 5 web portal.

Enhance Performance and Scalability

Data caching functionality improves SCSM speed and user experience.

Streamline Your IT Workflows

Automate processes to free up technical staff for higher value projects.

Maximize your Microsoft Investments

Integrate data from other applications in one centralized Microsoft platform.

Service Management

Why System Center?

If you have an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft, chances are high you already own some or all components of the entire System Center suite.

All the System Center modules combined, creates the most cohesive and cost effective software suite you’ll ever need. Manage everything from global datacenters to to a single employee.

Better yet, when done just right, all the applications in the System Center stack can be driven through the lens of ITIL-based Service Management via System Center Service Manager.

Connect On-Prem ITSM to Anything in the Cloud

Cireson extends SCSM integrations beyond out-of-the-box System Center capabilities through more modern API methods and the Cireson Cloud Connector.

  • Generate Incidents from your Anti-Virus solution of choice.
  • Call Power Automate through Webhooks.
  • Sync warranty information with your Asset inventory.

Take the Cireson Challenge

So, you’ve evaluated the big SaaS ITSM vendors. You like what you see but you’re going to break the budget or maybe you have on-premise requirements in your industry. You installed System Center Service Manager and you think it could use an update.

Have you tried Cireson yet? If not, it’s simple and free to get started.

Try Before You Buy

Cireson offers free forever SCSM apps. Most customers start here.

Upgrade to Paid

Meet with a Solution Architect to see our paid products in action.

Looking for an Integrated Enterprise IT Management Platform Without the Expensive Price Tag?

Our team helps empower you to #domore with your Systems, Service, and Asset Management programs. From self-paced SCSM and Cireson training courses, to health checks, migrations, and customization projects, we have you covered.

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