Importing “to-many” relationship data with Asset Management Import


The latest version of the Cireson Asset Management Import app (v3) supports importing relationship data for “to-many” relationships such as related configuration items.

This blog is a quick guide to this new feature, using “Windows Computer” and “Is Related to Configuration Item” as examples.

To enable this new feature, you must first select this option within “AdministrationSettingsCireson – Asset Management Import Settings”:


This new feature is only available when importing from CSV.

When you create or edit an Import Connector, you can select a target class and combination class (type projection) as per versions 1 and 2:


You must select a combination class in order to add the relationship mappings to the “Data Mappings” tab, for example:


Here you can see I have selected the “Is Related to Configuration Item” relationship and a target class of “Windows Computer”.

Selecting “Windows Computer” populated the text below it with “Mapped property must be path to input file in this format…” and I have mapped this to the column “Related Computers” which is taken from the header row (1st line) of my input CSV file.

The text tells you what format the input file must be in, based on the keys of the selected class, in this case, just “PrincipalName”.

My test input CSV file looks like this:

“Principal Name”,Name,”Related Computers”

“PC01_RelatedComputers.txt” is a text file containing a list of PrincipalNames, one per line like this:

You can add as many lines as required.

When the import connector is run, PC1 will be created or updated, and PC02, PC03 and PC04 will be added as related items.

This feature can also be used to add attachments:


In this case, the mapped property in the CSV file must be a path to a text file as before but in this case it will contain a list of file paths, preferably UNC paths, or at least a full local path available to the Workflow Account on the Workflow Server.

When the Import Connector runs, any files specified in the target file are attached. If an attachment with the same name already exists, that attachment’s contents will be updated.

Adding attachments requires version or later of the Asset Management Import app.

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