Reduce, Control & Elevate: Password Reset for Active Directory

Cireson continues to do amazing things. Last week marked our official launch of our shiny new password reset Stream as part of the Cireson Platform and within comes the first app, Password Reset for Active Directory.

In my post from May, I discussed the Cireson roadmap and our penchant for delivering apps that our clients request from us; the latest was delivered on the 17th of August with grandeur. Customers have been asking us to deliver a basic solution to assist with Password Reset as security continues to be a hot topic for the enterprise. With IoT projected to be more than a 20 million dollar industry by 2020, comprehensive Password Reset Solutions will be required for corporate adoption. We wanted to start with a no frills solution that tied directly into System Center, specifically for active directory. (Click here for a video.)

It remains to be one of the major inbound service requests totaling 30% according to Gartner. Personally, I’ve found some clients who top out at a remarkable 80%. With exact numbers dependent on the environment, the standard ratio of end-user to analysts is 100:1. If your organization is similar to the clients I’ve worked with over the years, those numbers are merely “goals”. With understaffed and over extended as the theme, why not automate and have the human resources work on delivering value back to the business?

(Ah, the business, if they only understood the value. The business understands dollar signs, so feel free to leverage our ROI Calculator and contact us for customized resources.)

Customers leveraging Service Manager + Cireson can further streamline automation with the addition of Password Reset to their Cireson family of products, while customers who are invested solely in Configuration Manager can take advantage of the innovation too.

Since the launch of our Password Reset Stream has been made public, people continue to ask what else will be released in the stream. Holding true to our promise to listen to our customers, we would like you to submit to either the website or the support portal which Password Reset needs are the most important to your organization.

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