In case you missed, it there a new release of Cireson’s Asset Excel app available for download at that includes some exciting new features for customers large and customized asset management deployments.

Three great new features in this version of Asset Excel include:

1) Support For Custom Properties and Relationships. AssetExcel now delivers the functionality to retrieve custom property and relationship data, including:

  • Asset Excel app now uses dynamic objects.  This allows Asset Excel to bring in all asset management properties including any extended class properties!
  • All out-of-box relationships are available across all Cireson Asset Management classes.
  • A custom type projection can now be selected for Software & Hardware asset classes in Asset Excel.  This can allow an SCSM administrator to build an Asset Excel specific type projection to improve the performance of Asset Excel.  This will also allow custom relationships to be viewable in Asset Excel.


2) Enhanced Software Asset Search. You can now filter your search by PO, Location and/or Organization to minimize the need to retrieve all assets before filtering, saving time and reducing server load.


3) Configurable Result Count. This is huge! You can now adjust the number of results returned in an Asset Excel search from the Service Manager default of 500 to a larger result count, if desired (even 50,000!). Result count affects any returned data from Service Manager, including any drop down menus within Asset Excel.


There is a lot of love in this update of Cireson Asset Excel. Download the latest copy at