What’s New in the Preview #2 of the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to either look at the information we’ve provided on the Preview 2 release of the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager (outside of this blog post), or even have had a chance to play with the pre-release product. We’re really excited about the improvements that we’ve made since the initial Preview release just a month ago. If you haven’t seen the product in use yet, you can get a quick view of some of the features in this short video here. The Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager is designed to replace the use of the native Configuration Manager Console for specific use cases where you don’t need access to all the features of the native console. This includes the ability to create and manage software deployments, operating system deployment, as well as manage your computers and users, with full reporting capabilities.

Here’s a quick highlight on some of the updates to the Preview 2 release.

  • Many updates to the user interface to provide more consistency and ease of use, specifically with changes to the New and Settings menus
  • A new “Inventory Summary” right-click action on computers to provide a view into the high-value attributes of a computer for a Service/Help Desk or support scenario
  • Making the process of creating new packages or applications easier by combining the New Software Package and New Software Import wizards into a single wizard
  • The ability to effectively test and validate the role-based administration capabilities of the Configuration Manager Portal for your various personas that may be using the Portal
  • Addition of the “Events” navigation menu action to make it easier for you to view which actions each user of the Configuration Manager Portal have tried, were successful in completing, or failed to complete


This has been just a quick recap, and doesn’t even include all the issues that we’ve fixed from the initial Preview release to make your testing of the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager more effective. I hope that you are as excited about the opportunity that the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager can bring to your existing Configuration Manager environment.

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