Why Web-Facing ITSM Portals Are Critical for Remote Companies

Why ITSM Matters

During this unprecedented time of disruption in IT support teams across all industries world-wide, we are all struggling to make sense of how we are now working and how to best support our end users not only to transition to their own home offices, but also to continue to be productive in their work.

Many support organizations are moving to digital conferencing tools such as Skype or Teams to stay connected. However, what happens with end users when traditional working hours no longer apply?

What if the support team is not online? Or Is flooded with calls and unable to respond?  On the other side, what happens to your support team if the VPN or remote access gets flooded, overwhelmed or goes down?


Support Teams Need to be Agile in a Remote World

Having the support team being able to access critical support tools independently of a specific PC is more critical than ever in this new world of remote workers. To facilitate this, it is important that any IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that you are running has the capability to work via a web interface and without the need to connect to the internal network via VPN or specific machine connection.

The ability for support staff to quickly and easily use any machine, tablet, phone or other web enabled device to access your organisations ITSM tool to do their work relies on a good web based portal or solution that can be made as resilient and redundant as possible.


Self-Service Portals Provide Business Continuity

From an end users perspective, as traditional working hours start to shift and transition to times that work in with their family and lifestyle, they will find more times where service desk staff may not be available due to time zones or just the time of day. Having a solid end user, self-service portal to allow them to achieve the basic and often most common requests allows them to continue to work and be productive.

Examples of end user self-service offerings that can be provided quickly and easily by any good ITSM web portal solution are:

  • Password reset.
  • Access requests to systems or data. (AD Groups access etc.)
  • Ordering of new hardware.
  • Requesting new software to be installed. (SCCM integration etc.)
  • Running of reports.
  • System approvals.

But why stop with IT specific requests?

Many ITSM solutions should allow for end user self-service requests for any other department that would be facing the same sorts of resourcing and operating hour issues.

Examples of non-IT requests that should also be able to be processed via a good service management system include:

  • Change of details to HR and payroll.
  • Facilities reporting and requests.
  • Department to department approvals and requests.
  • Finance and billing requests.

If your current ITSM solution does not provide a robust and easy to use web portal interface for both analysts and end users alike, it is a perfect time to revisit the solution you are using and transition to a tool that can work for you rather than just being a glorified ticketing tool.


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