Streamlining IT Service Management: Direct Search of Archived Tickets in Global Search for Cireson Portal v12.1

In the world of IT Service Management (ITSM), the ability to retrieve and analyze past incident and service request data can dramatically enhance service delivery, compliance and decision-making processes. With the release of Cireson Portal for Service Manager v12.1, organizations now have a robust tool that not only manages current tickets but also allows for an efficient lookup of archived tickets through its enhanced global search feature. This blog post explores the benefits and functionalities of this new version, focusing on its global search capabilities.

New in Version 12.1: Enhanced Global Search

One of the standout features in version 12.1 is the enhanced global search capability. This functionality is crucial for organizations that handle a significant volume of IT requests and need to maintain historical records for compliance, auditing or operational purposes.

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Key Features of Global Search

  • Comprehensive Search Capabilities: The global search in Cireson Portal v12.1 is designed to be more intuitive and powerful, allowing users to quickly find specific tickets, configurations, and even archived items. Users can perform searches using various criteria, including ticket numbers, usernames, or specific terms related to the issues.
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  • Archived Tickets Lookup: Perhaps the most significant enhancement in this version is the ability to lookup archived tickets directly through the global search bar. Previously, accessing archived tickets could be cumbersome, involving multiple steps or even requiring database access, which could slow down response times and efficiency. Now, users can instantly access archived tickets, making it easier to reference past tickets and utilize historical data for better decision-making.
  • Elimination of Complex Reporting Needs: With this upgrade, there is no longer a need to create custom Power BI reports or write SQL queries to pull data from archived databases. This simplifies the process for IT teams and reduces the time and technical skill required to access historical data.
  • Speed and Efficiency: The enhanced search engine is optimized for speed, allowing for quick retrieval of results even from large data sets. This is particularly important in environments where time is critical, and support staff need to access information as quickly as possible to resolve issues.
  • Customizable Search Filters: Organizations can customize search filters to meet their specific needs, enabling staff to streamline search processes and improve the accuracy of search results.
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Benefits of Enhanced Global Search

The ability to effectively search and retrieve archived tickets offers several benefits:

  • Improved Service Levels: Quick access to historical data enables service desk agents to resolve current issues more efficiently by referencing similar past incidents.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Management: By analyzing past tickets, organizations can identify trends, training needs, and areas for improvement in their IT services.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Easy access to archived data helps organizations comply with regulations that require retention of incident and service request information for audit purposes.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reducing the time spent searching for information directly translates into cost savings, as IT staff can handle more requests in less time and with less frustration.


Cireson Portal for Service Manager v12.1 significantly enhances the capabilities of service desks by improving the accessibility and usability of archived data through its global search feature. For organizations looking to improve their IT service management processes, this new version offers a compelling upgrade that can lead to better service delivery, enhanced compliance, and improved operational efficiency. By harnessing the power of comprehensive and quick search capabilities, businesses can ensure they remain agile and responsive in a demanding IT environment.

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