Self Service Portal Unleashed!

Wednesday, February 26th at 10am US PST/ 1pm EST

Technology should be simple & clever. Discover the Self Service Portal.

Find out how Cireson’s Self-Service Portal and SMA Connector will combine for unprecedented IT automation and enhancement.

Join Travis Wright as he discusses the following:

  • Learn how Cireson’s device & OS agnostic Self-Service Portal will be a complete replacement for Microsoft’s Silverlight out of the box version
  • Discover how the Windows Azure Pack (WAP) and Service Management Automation (SMA) provides a flexible, powerful platform for automation
  • Create momentum and true business value by combining the power of Windows Azure Pack (WAP), Service Management Automation, and Cireson’s SCSM SMA Connector
  • Realize the possibilities of a complete, end-to-end solution for self-service IT automation

Registration link to learn more about the Self Service Portal:

 Discover the Self Service portal

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