Remote Support Simplified for the Desktop

We just announced Remote Support Desktop, an easy-to-install, limited desktop experience for Analysts to quickly and easily troubleshoot issues.

Designed to pull some of the most desirable features out of Remote Support and put them onto a desktop, Remote Support Desktop gives Analysts quick access to support an individual customer on the fly.

For a quick comparison of the features provided in Remote Support Desktop vs Remote Support’s Web Console, see the chart here.

As you can see from the chart, the full-featured Remote Support Web Console is targeted towards customers with larger support teams that need to access a large number of devices in short order. Remote Support Desktop is targeted at supporting an individual device. Remote Support Desktop requires that the computer you are connecting to is accessible from the same network you are running the application from, while the Web Console can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world, and the target computer needs only to be accessible by the server (rather than the client web app).

A Modern Remote Manage
Remote Support Deskop is a refreshed version of Remote Manage, with tighter integration with the Remote Support Web Console coming soon.

For those who have worked with Cireson products and Configuration Manager (SCCM) for a number of years, you will quickly notice the resemblance of Remote Supprot Desktop to our former Remote Manage app.  We’ve had a lot of feedback from customers and partners over the last few years asking us to bring Remote Manage back in some form as the feature set was extremely valuable to Analysts. The request was heard loud and clear, and we’ve come out with Remote Support Desktop. We’ve refreshed the design and reworked the underpinnings, but for the most part it has the same functionality you knew and loved.

We have big plans for Remote Support Desktop, which includes tiing it into the Remote Support Web Console, and adding things like audit logs, universal security, and bringing support for off-network clients, giving you the ability to support your users from both the Remote Support Web Console and Remote Support Desktop. For now, we hope you enjoy this latest release.

Please give us your feedback on the Cireson Community. We look forward to hearing from you and incorporating all your great ideas into the future of this product.

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