Notify a Support Group of a SLO Warning/Breach

Purpose: Send an email notification to a specific Support Group based on a specific SLO Warning/Breach

First, I would like to say a few words about Cireson’s attendance of Microsoft’s 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas. It was great to finally put a face to all the global partners we have been emailing and talking to recently. We saw some familiar faces from MMS and we were also able to make a lot of new relationships with people from countries like Germany, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Chile, India, South Africa, Australia, Netherlands, Argentina, and Canada.

It was nice to see all the innovative companies related to Microsoft products. I could not pass on the deal for the Surface RT and Pro, so I bought both and I am still deciding which one to keep and which one to pass along to a colleague. We are looking forward to the next conference and meeting more people from the System Center community.

SLO Warning Scenario
Instead  of creating a notification that applied to all SLO Warning or Breached statuses, we only wanted to notify the Support Group if an Incident had not been assigned to an analyst. We had multiple SLO’s, but did not want notifications for them all.

Prerequisites for this email Subscription
1. SLO warning with metric from Created date to First assigned date
2. Support Groups with email addresses
3. Identify a key word from the SLO you want this notification to apply to (“Assigned to” used in this example)
4. Create an Email Template

This can obviously be tweaked to notify any Support Group of any SLO warning status change.

Subscription to create for each Support Group

When to notify: Periodically notify when objects meet a criteria
Target class: Incident
Criteria: [Incident] Support group equals “Enter Support Group Name”
  Assigned To User[Domain User or Group] User Name is empty
  Work Item has Service Level Instance Information [Service Level Instance Information] Status equals Breached
  Work Item has Service Level Instance Information Display name contains Assigned to
Recurrence pattern: Notify once
Range of recurrence: -None-
E-mail template: Choose your SLO Breached or Warning template
Recipient: “Enter Support Group Name”
Related Recipients: -None-

Result: An email notification will be sent to the Support Group when the Assigned to SLO is breached; Informing them that the Incident is still only assigned to a Support Group and should be assigned to an analyst.

Feel free to provide any tweaks you made to customize this in your environment. If you have any questions in regards to this, send me a message on Twitter ( and follow Hope this helps everyone out there and makes life a little easier for you.


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Notifying a support group of a SLO warning

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