Microsoft SCSM + Cireson is a Cost-Optimized Out of the Box Enterprise Solution

Struggling to pick an IT Service Management tool? You’re not alone.

Did you know that by using Microsoft System Center Service Manager with Cireson, you can have an out of box Enterprise solution? With minimal customization and simple processes, you can save time on implementation and operating costs since Microsoft SCSM is offered at little to no cost with organizations running Microsoft Enterprise suite software.

Wish your self-service portal could look like this? It can with Cireson.self service portal e1590590164457

The majority of Microsoft customers with Enterprise Agreements already own the System Center Suite, to include Service Manager. For those customers who do not have an Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft has reduced the cost to make it more reasonably cost effective. When layering the Cireson portal solution on top of System Center Service Manager (SCSM) you can round out the experience. This provides a low-cost solution and an out of box Service Management tool. These two paired together can handle anything from small businesses using only Incident Management, to large scale corporations that need to manage every type of ITIL work item.

Implementation is Easy

Cireson can set up a fully functional Microsoft SCSM configuration in less than a week. Our quick start-up process includes configuring simple processes, notifications, security roles and the Cireson portal which includes the service catalog.

More expensive solutions that offer the full Enterprise capability will take weeks, if not months to implement. They do not have any out-of-box configurations and you would be building out every work item process from start to finish, which typically incurs high service costs. There are some quicker, less expensive solutions that can be implemented, but they will not offer the full Enterprise Solution that Cireson provides. These solutions tend to be limited to Incident Management and do not offer an option to add in additional classes as your organization grows and refines processes.

Cireson also provides Asset Management and Remote Support functionality. With Asset Management you can manage hardware and software assets from purchase to retirement. You can also perform bulk imports via the import connector and modify bulk data with the Asset Excel Add-in. When you add Remote Support into the mix you can leverage SCSM and Configuration Manager to securely grant analysts troubleshooting functionality for faster ticket resolution.


Cireson offers Free Apps and Training

Want free apps or Microsoft SCSM training courses? Cireson has you covered! There are a quite a few self-paced courses to help your get the most out of your product. From installation to configuration, our free training courses can be found here.

For a full list of free Cireson Community Apps for Service Manager, you can find them here.



When choosing a product to fit your organizations needs System Center Service Manager with Cireson layered on top provides 1. A low-cost solution and 2. An out of box Enterprise ITSM solution. Most Microsoft customers with Enterprise Agreements already own the System Center stack and if not, Microsoft has made it more cost effective to obtain. System Center Service Manager can be stood up in a minimal amount of time and it follows ITIL framework i.e. Incident, Service Request, Change, etc. Cireson even provides free training and apps to help ensure you are up to speed with the basics so you can dive into your organization’s complex needs.

To schedule a live demo head on over to Cireson.

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