Looking for Simplicity Outside of SCSM? Migrate to Tikit by Cireson.

Migrate from SCSM to Tikit by Cireson

Most companies today need flexibility, but it could manifest very differently depending on the organization.

Integrating cloud-native features, like Microsoft Teams-based virtual agents and AI-driven ticket deflection, can add flexibility to an existing on-premise Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) deployment. Such is the case for companies with highly customized SCSM deployments or regulatory compliance requirements driving the need for on-premise software.

For others, flexibility is found in a simple, cloud-native SaaS experience. Companies that are shifting to the cloud, streamlining service desk operations and improving employee experience may prefer migrating from the more mature SCSM solution to Tikit by Cireson.

5 Reasons to Migrate from SCSM to Tikit

Tikit is a Microsoft 365 Service Desk solution recently announced by Cireson that offers a conversational, collaborative ticketing experience directly in Microsoft Teams. End users are easily able to initiate requests in Teams, and analysts have a myriad of ways to track and resolve tickets, via Microsoft Teams web, desktop and mobile app; Tikit web app and Outlook email.

There are numerous benefits to Tikit, including its sophisticated use of AI-powered virtual agents to deflect common, repetitive requests. IT analysts and admins are left with more time for planning, complex problem solving and strategic work. For companies having trouble managing SCSM, migration to Tikit offers these advantages:

1. You Don’t Have to Manage or Maintain Infrastructure

How much time do you spend managing databases and backups and patching servers?

It’s commonly accepted that there’s a cost of doing business, but have you considered the cost of operating IT? There is a time, resource and financial cost to managing infrastructure, whether it is running hardware refresh cycles, reviewing patch notes before upgrades or discussing SQL with a database administrator. These activities may be underestimated because they are a traditional part of on-premise IT. You must find time to perform these tasks while resolving incidents, executing service requests, managing change requests and troubleshooting performance.

Would your time be better served moving the business forward rather than maintaining it? What if you could focus on process automation and refinement without coding or extensive AI knowledge? Migrating to Tikit gives you more time to focus on tasks like these, because the software is always up to date. Tikit is Software-as-a-Service; part of what you pay for is outsourcing the maintenance. You’re left with more time to solve the problems of the organization and less time to maintain support for the problems.

2. You Can Progress to a Cloud-First Agenda

IT service management (ITSM) is a vital, central process for any organization, but it can feel like a heavy lift to move it to the cloud. If ITSM is a remaining workload to be transitioned, you can make a jump with cloud-native Tikit. And, because Tikit was created specifically for Microsoft Teams, it has connectivity with the greater Microsoft 365 ecosystem. You’ll be able to provide seamless access to hybrid employees, real-time collaboration and data mobility in a secure, scalable system. As Microsoft further enhances M365 functionality, Tikit will grow.

Granted, Tikit is one solution, but it represents a step forward in a cloud-first agenda.

3. You Don’t Have to Rely on SMEs, Consultants or Microsoft for SCSM Expertise

Almost anything is possible using SCSM. But it does require specific knowledge and troubleshooting ability—common with enterprise systems that provide a lot of power. Do you have the expertise in-house to manage SCSM or the budget to hire and train or engage outside help?

Tikit is a simpler solution that is easy to pick up—especially if you are Microsoft Teams user. Because of its Microsoft365-friendly architecture, Tikit capitalizes on Microsoft tools, like Adaptive Cards, to create seamless experiences for end users and analysts. Analysts and admins can:
• Experience relief from repetitive requests due to AI deflection
• Improve ticket routing using groups
• Automate the entire ticketing process with templates

4. Microsoft Teams is Your Primary Communications Platform

If your company actively uses Teams for chat, meetings/calls, sharing information and collaboration, Tikit will be a seamless addition. It was created specifically for Teams and integrates with other Microsoft cloud technologies, like Intune and Power BI, to support you in areas like device management and reporting.

It’s just as easy for end users to chat with a virtual agent about a technical issue as it is to ask a co-worker a question. Analysts can choose different views and ways to organize, filter and categorize tickets and manage them in a streamlined way. Both end users and analysts can work from any device they choose, thanks to cloud functionality.

5. It’s Easy to Adjust When Organizational Change Drives Infrastructure Change

You might be facing an organizational restructure or a need to right size technology to new circumstances, as Luby’s Restaurant Group’s IT team described at INNOVATE 2022. SCSM may now burden you with too much functionality. And now, you may not have the organizational demand, staff, expertise or budget to manage an enterprise on-premise system. The silver lining? Tikit is an easy transition.

Companies and environments are as different as the challenges and opportunities they face. The most important takeaway when it comes to service desk solutions, whether on-prem, hybrid or cloud-based: you’ve got great options.

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You can check out a Tikit demo to see how it works. Or better yet, explore Tikit in a free 14-day fully-functional trial with no credit card needed. If you find you need an enterprise on-premise ITSM platform, integrating SCSM with Tikit may give you expanded functionality that suits your environment.

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