Introducing Three New Service Manager Portal Add-Ins

In today’s hybrid workforce, it is critical for organizations to have the options to customize their software to meet their needs. According to a 2022 report from Okta, the average number of software applications deployed by an organization is 89, up from 88 reported in 2021. With so many solutions to manage, it is critical to ensure they are meeting your needs to avoid software sprawl.

The Cireson Service Manager Portal is designed to give your users a modern web interface where they can manage and submit IT requests within Microsoft’s System Center Service Manager (SCSM). Additionally, Cireson’s Asset Management allows you to natively integrate asset management functionality into your ticketing experience and streamline your asset inventory. However, depending on the needs of your organization and your IT processes, it may be critical to add-on or turn off functionality for ease of use to your end users.

The Cireson team recently launched three new Portal Add-in features aimed at changing, adding or hiding functionality of key features based on your organizational needs. These new add-ins include:

  • Hide Templates
  • Asset Management Status Pills
  • ARO Clickable Breadcrumbs 

Hide Templates

While templates can prove helpful at improving workflows and reducing the amount of manual effort needed to complete certain tasks, there are instances in which admins may want to hide templates to avoid confusion, limit access or other scenarios based on your organizational needs. With the new Hide Templates Add-In, you can now allow templates in the “+New” drawer to be hidden based on a list of configurable prefixes. The Hide Templates Add-In works best with templates that follow a solid naming convention. For example, “Company – Type – Class – Name” where:

  • “Company” = Your standard Company prefix.
  • “Type” = A grouping to show or hide this template (Request Offering Template, Automation Template, New Drawer Template, etc.)
  • “Class” = The SCSM class the template is a type of.
  • “Name” = The Template Name.

Learn more about this Add-in and how to download here.

Hide Templates

Asset Management Status Pills

    In standard view, the Asset Management form will display a status pill that reflects the “Object Status.” With this new Asset Management Status Pill Add-in, it allows for the status pill to reflect the status of the record itself. For example, the status pill for a hardware asset will reflect the “Hardware Asset Status.”

    Learn more about this Add-in and how to download here.

    Asset Management 1 1

    Asset Management 2 1

    ARO Clickable Breadcrumbs

    The Clickable Breadcrumbs Add-In provides clickable functionality on the already existing breadcrumb on the ARO’s with multiple pages. With this Add-In, rather than being limited to clicking “next” or “previous” to navigate, you can now select the desired page you want to go to and jump straight to it. However, please note the process will still check for validation. If a user is on page 1 and selects to jump to page 4, but page 2 is missing required information, then the user will be stopped page 2 until the required information is input.

    Learn more about this Add-in and how to here.

    Breadcrumbs 1

    For information about the Service Manager Portal Add-In feature and installation process, view the overview article here. As always, we’d love to hear your questions and comments in the Cireson Community. Interested in chatting this further? Watch out for invites to our monthly Community Open Floor, hosted the 2nd Friday of the month. Invites sent the Monday prior. Interested in speaking directly to a team member about these Cireson Add-ins? Reach out at

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