Experts Live Europe 2023 Recap: Unveiling the Power of Tikit by Cireson in Prague

The cobblestone streets of Prague recently resonated with the sounds of tech discussions, product demos and enthusiastic networking as Experts Live Europe 2023 took center stage from September 18th to 20th. Cireson’s participation as a silver sponsor was marked by the successful showcase of Tikit, a transformative Microsoft 365 ITSM SaaS solution.

About Experts Live Europe

Experts Live Europe is a community-driven IT conference with a focus on Microsoft cloud, datacenter, security and modern workplace solutions. This conference aims to bring together professionals looking to share insights and knowledge on the latest Microsoft solutions.

Highlights from the Conference

A Buzzing European Microsoft Community

Experts Live Europe 2023 was a testament to the European Microsoft community’s vigor and enthusiasm. Right from the get-go, it was evident that this conference was going to be special. The energy in the room was palpable, with a European Microsoft community bustling with anticipation and curiosity. Attendees actively engaged in Microsoft MVP lead sessions, absorbing new knowledge, asking incisive questions and driving conversations on emerging trends in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Tikit’s Moment in the Spotlight

The heart of Cireson’s participation was the demonstration of Tikit, designed to seamlessly create, track and work tickets within Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. The live product demos in the Tikit booth attracted a diverse range of attendees, from European enterprise representatives to consultants and System Integrator Microsoft partners. The robust interactions around these demos provided the team with invaluable feedback, emphasizing Tikit’s strengths and spotlighting opportunities for future refinement.

Building Connections: Beyond the Booth

Networking was a pivotal component of Experts Live Europe. Interactions with other vendors offered a comprehensive perspective on the industry’s current position and trajectory. And of course, the charm of Prague added a cultural richness to the event, with participants exploring the city’s historical landmarks and culinary delights post-conference.

In Conclusion

Experts Live Europe 2023 was not just a conference—it was a confluence of ideas, innovation and community-driven discussions. Tikit by Cireson, with its promise of redefining ITSM solutions for the Microsoft community, found a resonant audience, validating its design philosophy and potential impact. With such valuable takeaways and memories from Prague, anticipation is already building for the next Experts Live Europe.

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