Expand SCSM Functionality with Tikit Integration

Expand SCSM functionality with Tikit integration

One of the most exciting things about Tikit, Cireson’s new Microsoft Teams-based IT service desk solution, is that it’s not an either / or proposition for Service Manager Portal (SMP) customers. Tikit expands Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) functionality via integration, giving you the best of both worlds.

Here’s what you stand to gain when you expand SCSM Functionality.

AI Deflection and Creating Tickets

As SCSM users and Microsoft consumers, Microsoft Teams is likely central to your corporate communication and collaboration. It’s easy to reach people via chat or calls. For end users seeking tech support, it’s also easy to chat with an AI-powered virtual agent in Teams or via Outlook about an issue. With Tikit, end users can use chat or email to submit a support request. The virtual agent:

  • Interprets the request (is this a request that could be deflected?).
  • If the request can’t be deflected, a ticket is created.
  • If the ticket can be deflected, the virtual agent identifies relevant knowledge base instructions or articles to resolve the issue and serves them to the end user.
  • If the problem isn’t resolved, the analyst can take control of the process from SCSM. (Power Automate enables the ticket to be pushed into SCSM and worked from there).

The Tikit integration allows the end user experience to stay in Teams, while giving analysts a way to receive tickets in SCSM and follow established workflows. AI deflection gives analysts a bit of a breather from repetitive requests in a tool that is convenient for end users.

Service Catalog and Knowledge Base

Most service catalogs involve an element of searching and navigation to find what you’re looking for, because topics could fall under a few different categories. It’s not always a slam dunk for an end user to find the right listing and submit a request.

With a Tikit integration in SMP, the service catalog and knowledge base do not exist as two different experiences. They are handled the same way via chat: when the end user submits any request, the AI virtual agent acts like a fellow service desk analyst: it reads messages, interprets message intent and serves up a related response, which could be a resource, article, instruction or link for the end user.

Tikit’s knowledge base contains the service and incident resource information, and it fuels the virtual agent. The more knowledge articles you create to address various issues and scenarios, the faster the virtual agent learns what resource, article, instruction or link to forward to the end user.

Depending on your setup and preference, the resource served up could also include a link back to resources housed in SMP. In other words, you could populate Tikit’s KB to train the virtual agent and also use the resources you already have in SMP.

Looking for Simplicity in Ticketing? Try Working Solely in Tikit

SCSM offers a robust degree of functionality, processes and methods to deliver IT service management across an organization. For many enterprises, it offers the ideal amount of coverage.

But some companies need to simplify. Regardless of whether change is being driven by organizational or infrastructure shifts, sometimes there’s a need to right size technology to new circumstances. Tikit gives you the flexibility to do this while covering ticket management.

Even if SMP is integrated with Tikit, you can experiment with Tikit’s backend, working tickets directly from the Microsoft Teams app, web app, email and mobile. (Tikit enables analysts and end users to work where and how they want to work.) Because Tikit is connected to the greater Microsoft ecosystem, you can also try native Power BI reporting (without the use of SQL) and device management using Intune. See what you think and let us know if there is functionality you want to bring into SCSM or work in Tikit.

Tikit consolidates some ITSM processes, and the best way to get a feel for how it could work in your environment is to see check out this demo.

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