Customize the Cireson Portal – No Coding Needed!

The Cireson Portal is HTML based so you can easily control the styling and layout using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). However, not everyone is familiar with CSS coding or has the time to spend on custom stylizations – it’s often a nice to have but not a must have.  This prompted us to create the online wizard within the Cireson Portal that automatically creates a CCS file for your portal based on your selected settings. It’s as easy as choosing your favorite color and font and copying/pasting the CSS file – no coding needed!

Cireson Portal Theme Wizard

The Cireson portal out-of-the-box theme is blue and white. If it’s any other color – someone may have already changed it for your organization.

The Cireson portal Screen View

To make changes, first lets browse to the Cireson Portal Themer website –

From here you can see the basic CSS setup of how the OOB Cireson Portal theme looks.


As you will find the wizard allows you to modify the Page Layout, Colors, Typography, Icons, Form Elements and Grids.

Let’s test it out and modify the brand colors to different shades of green. (Or your preferred shades!) Feel free to modify the typography or any other elements as well.


Once you have modified all your desired settings click on the Download Theme CSS button.


Copy the file onto your portal SCSM Management Server and place it into the CustomeSpace folder i.e. C:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\CustomSpace.

To load the CSS file you will need to copy and paste this line – @import ‘custom.theme.min.css’; at the top of your custom.css file which is located here C:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\CustomSpace\


Now reload your page to see the results.


Advanced Portal Customization

Want to do more advanced customizations to the Cireson Portal? Head over to our Community Website whereby you will find many customizations created by the Cireson staff and also by other members of the community like these here. Happy designing!

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