Customer Satisfaction Measurement Made Simple with the Feedback Survey Add-in

It’s important for organizations to constantly measure their customer experience. Often this is done with a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score which allows organizations to monitor their success in meeting customer expectations in a quantified, measurable way. According to CMSWire’’s 2023 “The State of Digital Customer Experience” report, CSAT scores are the number one metric organizations are measuring, followed by customer retention rates and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). 

With the ever increasing need to measure customer satisfaction, the Cireson Feedback Survey add-in offers a convenient and straightforward solution for gathering customer experience feedback and utilizing it to calculate a meaningful CSAT score.

To maximize customer participation, it is advisable to keep the feedback process as user-friendly as possible. This entails avoiding lengthy surveys or an excessive number of questions. The Cireson Feedback Survey add-in provides the flexibility to obtain up to three different ratings, as well as an optional comments section for customers to provide additional details if desired.

Gathering feedback is a balancing act between the level of detail in the responses and the number of responses received. Here’s why this balance is important:

  1. Depth of Response: Detailed feedback provides valuable insights into the specific experiences, challenges or suggestions of individual customers. It allows organizations to understand the underlying reasons behind customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, identify trends or patterns and make targeted improvements. Detailed responses can offer specific actionable information that can drive meaningful changes in products, services or processes.
  2. Representative Sample: On the other hand, the number of responses is crucial for achieving statistical significance and ensuring that the feedback received is representative of the entire customer base. A larger sample size reduces the risk of biased results and provides a more accurate picture of the overall customer sentiment. It helps in making informed decisions based on reliable data rather than relying on isolated or anecdotal feedback.
  3. Participation Rate: To obtain a sufficient number of responses, it is essential to keep the feedback process simple and convenient for customers. Lengthy or complex surveys can discourage participation, leading to a low response rate. By minimizing the effort required from customers and making the feedback process quick and straightforward, organizations can increase the likelihood of customers providing their feedback.
  4. Resource Efficiency: Striking a balance between the level of detail and the number of responses is also important from a resource perspective. Collecting highly detailed feedback from a small number of customers may be resource-intensive and time-consuming, limiting the organization’s ability to gather feedback from a broader range of customers. Achieving a balance ensures that the organization can collect enough feedback within a reasonable timeframe.

In summary, gathering feedback requires finding the right equilibrium between the depth of response and the number of responses. Detailed responses offer valuable insights, while a higher number of responses ensures statistical significance and represents the broader customer base. Balancing these aspects enables organizations to gain meaningful insights while efficiently utilizing their resources. In my experience somewhere between 1 and 3 rating questions with an optional comments area is about right to achieve this balance.  

Survey Add-in

Configuring the Cireson Feedback Survey Add-In

  1. Log on to the Cireson Portal as an administrator, click on the admin menu and select Add-Ins from the menu.
  2. Within the Add-Ins page, find the Feedback Survey option and click the settings link next to it.
  3. The Feedback Survey Settings screen should appear.
  4. Set the value of “Rating1Prompt” to the initial question to be asked of the customer.

Examples of some Rating 1 Prompts are:

  • How did we do?
  • Please rate your experience with us.
  • On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being terrible and 5 being outstanding) how satisfied were you with our service today?
  1. Set the minimum rating value within the “Rating 1MinValue” property.
  2. Set the maximum rating value within the “Rating1MaxValue” property.
  3. Set the rating type value within the “Rating1Type” property.

The type of rating can be one of the following:

  • “slider”
  • “stars”
  • “thumbs”
  • “list”
  1. Enable Ratings 2 and 3 if required by selecting the “Rating2Enabled” and “Rating3Enabled” value and changing the values to True.
  2. Configure Ratings 2 and 3 as above.
  3. Enable the customer comments to be entered by selecting the “CommentsEnabled” value and changing the value to True.
  4. Set the value of the “CommentPrompt” to provide the question to be used on the comments text box.
  5. Configured the “OnlyAllowAffectedUserToRespond” setting to “false” if you want to remove this restriction.
  6. Configured the “OnlyAllowOneResponsePerWorkItem” setting to “false” if you want to remove this restriction.
  7. Finally configured the “EnableSurveyTaskForIR” and “EnableSurveyTaskForSR” settings to “false” is you want to remove the “Take Survey” task from the respective Work Item forms. When enabled, it will show on Resolved IRs and Completed SRs.
  8. Click Save on the drawer at the bottom of the page and the Feedback Survey Add-In is configured and ready to use.

Feedback Prompt Types

The prompt type settings allow for different input methods to be presented to the customer. Depending on the type you set, there are some limitations on the MinValue and MaxValue numbers.

  1. Slider
  • MinValue and MaxValue can be any number from 1-10.
  • MinValue must be less than MaxValue.
  1. Stars
  • MinValue and MaxVlaue can be any number from 1-10.
  • MinVlaue must be less than MaxValue.
  1. Thumbs
  • MinValue must be 0 and MaxValue must be 1.
  1. List
  • If MinValue = 0 and MaxValue = 1, it will turn into Yes/No.
  • Anything else will just list the numbers.

Gathering Feedback

The “Take Survey” task / link will appear on the Work Items forms (on Resolved IRs and Completed SRs) for customers to click on and provide their Feedback. However, we know what typically once an issue is resolved, or a request complete, a customer is unlikely to revisit the Portal to view and click on this link. You are probably going to want to also request Feedback via an email.

Updater your Resolved / Completed email Notification Templates to include a link to the Feedback Survey page passing in the Work Item Id as a parameter. Format the link URL like this:



Configuring the One-Click Feedback

Even with simple survey’s participation can be limited. Engagement can be so low that it’s important to capture and make use of every click. Sometimes a customer will click a link in an email, but when then form loads, change their mind, and close it. Feedback Survey Add-In makes it possible to include a Rating in the URL sent via the email. This URL not only directs users to the Feedback Survey page for their specific work item but also automatically record the Rating 1 value. Visual aids such as stars or emojis can be utilized to enhance the clarity of the rating scale.

Format the link URL like this:


where X the score for Rating1.

The exact link URL for each of the star images is different to provide the value the at the customer selects.

For example: https://servicedesk/view/FeedbackSurvey?&WID=IR341&Rating1=5 would be assigned to the 5th star image.

When a customer clicks on one of the links the Feedback Survey add-in will record the value for Rating 1 and save it to the database. The rest of the Survey loads as normal (Rating2, Rating 3 and Comments – if enabled) and can be completed and saved. However, if the customer, changes their mind and closes the window without continuing, the Rating 1 value will still be saved. We have captured data from their initial click.

NOTE: Only Rating 1 property values can be passed via the URL as the intention is for the feature to be a single click approach for customers making the barrier to entry very low and with as little friction as possible. This works best with just Rating1 enabled or Rating1 and Comments.


As always, we’d love to hear your questions and comments in the Cireson Community. Interested in chatting about survey add-in further? Watch out for invites to our monthly Community Open Floor, hosted the 2nd Friday of the month. Invites sent the Monday prior. Interested in speaking directly to a team member about the Cireson Feedback Survey add-in? Reach out at

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