Authorizing Computers for Software Applications using Cireson Asset Management

One of our customers recently inquired about a workflow involving Service Manager and Cireson Asset Management. The request got kicked over to our consulting team, and, since I was feeling fresh, decided to tackle the request and post it for everyone to enjoy!

One of the awesome features of Cireson Asset Management is that you can track software licenses and, even better, track which machines are authorized to use a specific software license. You might be worried about compliance with a license agreement, or you might be be trying to keep your license cost down by only allowing those who absolutely need a piece of software to install it. That’s one of the ways that the ‘Authorized Computers’ section of Cireson Asset Management comes in handy!

AuthorizedComputers- Asset Management

The flow of the of the automation was this:

– Have a Service Manager Request Offering that allows the user to select:

1. A computer object to authorize

2. A software asset to add that computer object to as an Authorized Computer

– Once that request has been submitted, take the information and pass it to System Center Orchestrator

– Have Orchestrator add the machine to the software asset so that it shows up as an authorized computer

Some people are scared by automation, but the Orchestrator piece wasn’t nearly as difficult as you might expect. In fact, here’s a screenshot of how simple it is!


Overall, the workflow was pretty easy to set up, and the results worked great! If you’re interested in the solution from beginning to end, hop on over to my blog, and dive into the technical goodness! In the not too distant future, I hope to it a bit further and do some more automation involving SCCM and software deployment of said authorized software, so stay tuned 🙂

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