One of the things I was the most excited about with the release of the CMDB Portal was the ability to see the history of User Configuration Items (CIs). I frequently need to view the history of a User CI to check on recent changes. What was changed? Who changed it? Unfortunately, the SCSM Console doesn’t provide an easy way to see the history of user so I’m stuck wading through PowerShell output after running the Get-SCSMObjectHistory command.

This is no fun at all, and in fact doesn’t give me the real history I’m looking for. When looking at user history, what I’m actually interested in is property changes. Did my Title change? Did my phone number change? Now with the ability to view User CIs in the Cireson Portal for Service Manager, not only can I view and edit the properties of a CI, but I can also see its history just like I can see the history on a Work Item!

For me, this is very exciting! (I know. I’m a nerd). Only one hurdle to jump over: customize the System.Domain.User form to include a History tab and control.

Here’s how to accomplish this.

First I need to copy the default form from CiresonPortal\Scripts\forms\templates to CiresonPortal\CustomSpace\ConfigItem.

Next, I just need to add the tab and control. I can copy it from the Incident.js template. It looks like this after pasting the code into the new System.Domain.User form:

Now I can go to the Portal and see my User CI history!

I hope you find this example helpful and it inspires you to experiment with not only viewing and editing CI data in the Cireson Portal, but also customizing the Portal forms to display the exact properties you want to see. If you need more information about customizing the Portal forms, check out our KB article here.  And if you have any questions or want to see a demo of the new CMDB features of the Portal, reach out to us at