Teams Integration for SCSM is Live With v10.3

While a web facing Cireson SCSM Portal provides your end users an experience they are familiar with, companies across the globe continue to depend on Microsoft Teams in the new remote world. That’s why IT Monkey is swinging in to help bridge the gap between your portal experience with new portal and chat-based functionality through Teams Integration; lighting up conversation as a wholly new Service Manager experience for your organization. 

To get started, there are two brand new features you can enable to bring Teams to SCSM. 

Teams Integration

1. Teams User Presence on the Portal 

With this feature enabled, you can authenticate to Teams in the top right-hand corner of the portal to your 365 Tenant. Upon doing so, Work Item grids light up with user’s respective Status. Which means as an Analyst in the My Work view, you know if now is a good time to follow up with them on their Incident. As an End User in My Requests, you can see which of your requests have a currently available Analyst. 



And just like you’ve come to expect from Office products, you can now hover over a user in grid view or a Work Item to reveal Microsoft centric actions on that user. Which means with Teams integration you can bounce into a Teams Instant Message, Outlook Email, or Teams Phone Call right from the portal. 


2. Teams Integration for Service Manager with Support Bot

With Support Bot for Teams you can now bring Notifications, Work Item management, Configuration Item lookup, and Knowledge Base search directly into chat. But before we talk to Support Bot, we can optionally tell it what we want to be notified on directly from the portal! 


Analyst? End User? No matter what side of the Work Item you are on Support Bot handles notifications for Action Log Updates, Work Item Status change, and Work Item Assignment. Just head over to User Settings in the Portal and you can toggle these on a per user basis. 


Action Log Updates 

With Notifications for Action Log Updates, wouldn’t it be great if you could also reply and update those very same Action Log updates right from Teams? Support Bot thinks so! 

If you subscribe to Action Log Notifications that means you can optionally leave Comments that in turn trigger Notifications back to the other party. 


But why wait for updates to leave comments when you can take action on your own? We thought you’d never ask... 


Work Item Management 

Starting your day and looking to see what’s assigned to you? Just type My Work. 


Looking to see what you have open at the Service Desk? Ask for My Requests. 


Clicking any of the results from these commands provides the ability to View in Portal or Leave a Comment. 

Global Search 

Looking for a Change Request? Hardware Asset? Knowledge Article? SCOM Network Device? SCCM Software Update? Support Bot also fully realizes the power of your Global Search configuration and surfaces it directly into chat. 


And per Teams theming, Support Bot and all of its features also work great in dark mode. 


But there is always room for improvement. Have an idea of something you’d like to see in Teams integration? We want to hear from you! Join us here in the Cireson Community and tell us other actions you’d like to see on Work Items. 

Upgrade to v10.3 to get the Teams Integration. Download here.

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