Capitalize on Microsoft Service Manager Customizations and Integrations

Cireson Community Open Floor: Microsoft Service Manager customizations and integrations

Microsoft Service Manager customizations and integrations were a major focus of this Community Open Floor meetup on July 22, specifically ideas around preserving portal customizations, sharing them and updating tickets with relevant tangential data. We also discussed the feature/functionality differences of integrating Service Manager Portal (SMP) with Tikit by Cireson vs. Microsoft Teams Integration app.

Microsoft Service Manager Customizations and Integration Possibilities

The concept of how to how to help others benefit from Microsoft Service Manager customizations sparked interesting ideas that we will likely continue to explore in future Open Floor discussions, including:

  • The possibility of helping customers wrap and share their own customizations as add-ons. This would require some thought internally, but it was great to hear this is of interest!
  • Having a repository or some way to community-share customizations to support the broader IT team (or someone new stepping into a role) managing a portal reinstall, for example.
  • Adding relevant data to ticket headers for easier access and the ability to link to external systems. Examples that could be added to the header include: affected user, department, phone number, created date, expiration date and status. We’d love to hear more about what might be helpful for you to see here.

Evaluating Service Manager Integrations: Tikit by Cireson vs. Microsoft Teams Integration App for SMP

Many companies are starting to explore features in Tikit by Cireson, including AI deflection using Tikit Virtual Agent. You may be questioning whether a Tikit integration (or Tikit migration) would be a better fit for your environment or Microsoft Teams Integration app for SMP. This may take thought, trial and further conversation with us to determine.

You can trial Tikit and install and configure Microsoft Teams Integration app to experience the differences hands on, but we recommend that you develop a list of features of interest and questions and schedule time to talk to us about your needs, goals and concerns.

We cover Cireson Portal and SCSM hacks, along with your insights and questions in biweekly Community Open Floor sessions, and we’d love for you to join us. Register now!

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