The latest version of Asset Excel introduces ease of access to more Asset Management classes alongside a wealth of brand-new search capabilities. 

Administrative Item Enhancements 

You can now access even more Asset classes with just a single click in Excel. Which means not only can you pull items such as Subnets, but you can also batch create those new items as well! 

Search Enhancements 

With this release of Asset Excel we’re giving you even more ways to find Assets in your environment by introducing a wealth of new search criteria spanning Hardware and Software Assets.


New Hardware Asset Filters

New Software Asset Filters

For example, you can now search by: 

  • Hardware Assets: 
    • Hardware Type 
    • Related Catalog Item 
    • Custodians 
    • Primary User
    • Manual Inventory Date 
    • Master Contract Starting/End Dates 
    • Model 
  • Software Assets: 
    • Expected Date 
    • Received Date 
    • Primary User 
    • Support and Maintenance 
    • Licensing Types 

And that’s just to name a few of the new filters available for use. 

But the real reason this new criteria is here is because you made your voice heard on the communitySo don’t forget to post your ideas, upvote your fellow community member’s ideas and get involved!