Knowledge Base Management: Improving Use and Content Quality

knowledge base management at Cireson Community Open Floor

Knowledge Base Management

Whether your knowledge base (KB) exists in the Cireson Portal for Service Manager (SMP) or in another platform, it’s likely that you may experience some challenges around knowledge base management. We talked about different scenarios during this Aug. 19 Community Open Floor meetup.

Sometimes the issue is bringing content (especially images) into the KB effectively, formatting and even building templates. Or it could be searching or linking to a source like SharePoint to bring data into Service Manager for easier use. Tune in to hear different ideas on how to approach various knowledge base management-related questions.

Cireson News: v11.7 Release and Upcoming Customer Webinar

The release of Cireson Service Manager Portal (SMP) v11.7 is providing support for Power Automate, Delay Activity Console App and a Notification Activity Console App fix. Download it now!

The Q3 2022 Cireson Customer Webinar is coming up. Register now to reserve your spot.

 We cover Cireson Portal and SCSM hacks, along with your insights and questions in biweekly Community Open Floor sessions, and we’d love for you to join us. Register now!

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