How to Use a Configuration Item Class in the Cireson Portal

Cireson Community Open Floor sessions

How often does this happen: you create a custom list in the Cireson Portal for SCSM, but you can’t find it when you create a Request Offering? It’s a simple but common issue, one we covered recently in an Open Floor session.

Community Open Floor: Covering Configuration Item Classes

In the following video, we discuss where the disconnect occurs. We also walked through the process to use a custom Configuration Item class in the portal, including defining a custom portal form for editing and creating the Configuration Item.

Community Open Floor screenshot

Here’s one thing we learned—a common mistake: when there isn’t a property present on a Work Item class, there isn’t way to store or find the custom list you’ve created. If you haven’t created a property you’re left hanging, with no way to bind the list. So, you want to make the distinction between the list property and a list.

Cireson Senior Support Engineer Justin Workman walked us through how to do this and more. You can follow the entire process or catch steps along with way:

  • Intro to custom class 00:20
  • Define a view and sync class 04:00
  • Add OData table widget to view 07:12
  • Question: Permission controls on editing CI? 11:34
  • Form definitions/setup 12:40
  • Binding enum (lists) to form field 19:50
  • Creating New Dynamic data in the Portal 22:40
  • Adding values to list type (in console) 28:27
  • Bringing in a custom relationship (using projection builder) 30:21

This is just one example of knowledge shared during Community Open Floor. What question or problem would you like to talk through? We’ll take ‘em!

We cover Cireson Portal and SCSM hacks, along with your insights and questions in biweekly Community Open Floor sessions, and we’d love for you to join us. Register now!


Configuration Item

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