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Learn SCSM

Earlier this summer we launched our inaugural free SCSM training course on the Cireson Learning platform.  The goal of Cireson Learning is to help you learn SCSM; how to install, configure, and use Microsoft Service Manager, as well as Cireson’s SCSM apps.

As a Microsoft Service Manager customer myself, and having built software around SCSM for the past 8 years, I understand firsthand the challenges of learning a new IT Service and Asset Management system.  In fact, everyone at Cireson can empathize with this as most of us have been in the trenches ourselves.  This is why we’ve created 4 additional SCSM training courses to help expand your skillset and get the most out of your investments in both Service Manager and the Cireson solutions.

The best part is these new courses are also completely free for both Service Manager and Cireson customers! Register today and learn from ITIL-certified experts who have a passion for all things ITSM, ITAM, and Microsoft Service Manager.

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Learn SCSM

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