Community Open Floor Recap: Analytics Use Case

Analytics use case at Cireson Community Open Floor

Analytics Use Case

One of the things we enjoy about Community Open Floor is the ability to group brainstorm around a plan of execution. Such was the case last Friday when we put our heads together for an analytics use case involving tickets that default to the service desk, but route to another support group for resolution. What percentage of tickets did the service desk resolve vs. the secondary support group?

Extracting Analytic Data from Service Manager

It’s a question that isn’t completely addressed via Analytics Archiver due to internal set up, so different ideas of how to extract data from the production Service Manager database were considered. You can follow the discussion in the meeting’s recording below. And though we didn’t fully define all the steps in the process, we’ve got a basic framework down, and details will follow in the Community Open Floor Discussion Group.

 We also saw that there are different ways to accomplish nearly any task. For example, using JavaScript to modify a service request based on the value in the title is one way to customize for a specific team. It’s also possible to achieve a similar result using the template ID field.

What are your thoughts on the analytics use case? What other process do you want to gut check? We’ll talk about it in an upcoming Open Floor meeting.

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