Community Open Floor: Customize User Data 3 Ways in SCSM

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Customize User Data 3 Ways in SCSM

Are you happy with the way user information is displayed in the portal?

When it comes to Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) and the Cireson portal, you have more control than you think to change it. During the last Community Open Floor meeting, we walked through three different levels of customization you can employ to bring in the data you want—and need—to see.

Dynamic Data Gives You Greater Flexibility

The biggest revelation is that, although one might think customization should be focused on the “related user by info” page, the “dynamic data” page gives you greater flexibility. The idea is to customize the CI form for the system domain user. For example, copying the “details” (or other) tabs from the “related user info” form and applying it to the “dynamic data” user page gives you the ability to see “related user info” data on an extremely customizable page. You can bring over the same format that appeared on the “related user info” page, because it’s now a form, and it’s got an underlying type projection. And not only can you customize the form, you can change the type projection.

You’re left with an experience identical to the “related user info” tab, but you can customize the form further for analysts and end users. For example, asset managers could enable consumable details on this page for asset managers but disable it for analysts and end users.

The “dynamic data” page offers perks beyond this, including free remote support, which isn’t found on the “related user info” page, and the ability to jump to any remote support functionality, including group membership changes and reset password.

Pro Tip: the Related User Info Page has Limitations

It contains a type projection that is hard coded, and it contains the assigned work item relationship. So it’s recommended that if you want to build your own type projection for a system domain user page and include details like consumables, exclude the assigned work item relationship. It will either not serve you, or it will be overwhelmed trying to load a high volume of data.

You’ll find additional interesting details about maximizing use of the dynamic data page, including instruction on overriding the blue “I” and bringing in custom properties on the Open Floor video.

 You’ll find the customization code discussed here in Cireson’s Community Open Floor Discussion Group. We cover Cireson Portal and SCSM hacks, along with your insights and questions in biweekly Community Open Floor sessions, and we’d love for you to join us. Register now!

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