The Advantages of the Cireson Service Manager Portal in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration platform that has revolutionized the way teams communicate, collaborate and generally work together. With its seamless communication, team collaboration features and ease of accessing internal resources, Teams provides numerous benefits for users. According to ’Statista, the number of Microsoft Teams users grew from 145 M in 2021 to 270 M in 2022.

When the power of Microsoft Teams is combined with Microsoft-centric expertise such as the Cireson Service Manager Portal which works to make a more powerful SCSM experience, the results yield advantages across the organization.

Advantages of Microsoft Teams

Teams offers real-time chat, audio calls, video calls and virtual meetings, enabling effortless communication and collaboration among team members.  Additionally, Teams provides dedicated channels for projects where team members can share files, collaborate on documents and track project progress, fostering effective teamwork and eliminating information silos.

Teams seamlessly integrates with popular Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint, allowing users to collaborate on documents without switching between different platforms.

Teams also provides easy access to internal resources like the Service Manager Portal by allowing you to add a web page to Teams.  By including tools like the Service Manager Portal, users can eliminate the need to switch between applications, streamlining work and saving time.

How to Add the Service Manager Portal to Teams:

1. Open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the desired team or channel.

2. Click on the “+” icon to the right of the tabs section.

SMP in Teams 1

3. Select “Website” from the available options.

SMP in Teams 2

4. Enter a name for the web page tab and paste the URL of the internal resource.

SMP in Teams 3

5. Click “Save” to add the web page as a tab.

6. The Service Manager Portal will now be easily accessible within the Teams interface, providing quick access to tickets or other Service Manager data.

Portal in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a range of benefits for collaboration and efficient work processes. By leveraging its seamless communication, collaboration features, and easy access to internal resources like the Cireson Service Manager Portal, Teams provides a comprehensive platform for teams to collaborate effectively and work smarter!

Ready to transform your SCSM experience? View all of the exciting apps Cireson has to offer.  As always, we’d love to hear your questions and comments in the Cireson Community. Interested in chatting this further? Watch out for invites to our monthly Community Open Floor, hosted the 2nd Friday of the month. Invites sent the Monday prior.

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