Cireson Portal for Service Manager (SMP) v12 Has Launched

The Cireson Portal for Service Manager v12 is now available. We’ve got four features rolling out with our Latest release of the Service Manager Portal (SMP) and updates to one of our most fundamental System Center Service Manager (SCSM) Console Apps: Notify Analyst. But first, let’s talk about everything happening in v12 of the Cireson Service Manager Portal.

Feature One: Dashboarding – Right Click to Duplicate

If you’re building out dashboards for interested parties, you might have a lot of very similar dashboards with ever so slightly different queries. While creating them is a breeze, it is a lot of repetitive work that could otherwise be simplified. Now you can right-click on any custom Folder, child folders, pages, etc. and immediately duplicate them plus all their permissions into a new Navigation Node.

SMP v 12 1

Feature Two: Improvements to Analytics – Billable Time

Entering time on Work Items only to have to query and report against your operational database is not an ideal process. It should be easier to keep that data for as long as you need and query it whenever you want. Now with Billable Time in Cireson Analytics, we’re offering an incredibly streamlined way to report against it.

But let’s talk queries and the how of doing it because we really want you to see how low effort it is with just a single query against a single table in Cireson Analytics:

Cireson Portal

Feature Three: Survey App is Now Replaced with Feedback Survey

Something we’ve known for the longest time is how invaluable surveys are to your Work Item management. Specifically, when it comes to Incident Management. Are end users satisfied with the work that was performed? Is there a way to measure and report long-term on user satisfaction? Our first version known as Survey App filled this gap, but certainly created its own needs as well.

That’s why with Feedback Survey, not only is it included out-of-the-box when you deploy the Cireson Portal along with inline links to how you can configure it, but its reporting data is surfaced through OData. Which means you can build Custom Dashboards using the OData Widget to surface results or if you are more Power BI inclined, you can go that route as well.

Just head over to the Add-Ins page to enable it and configure!

SMP v 12 3

Results of Feedback Survey(s) can be rendered directly in the Cireson Portal.

SMP v 12 4

Or because Feedback Survey is backed by oData. Consumed inside of Microsoft Power BI!

SMP v 12 5

Feature Four: Watchlist Notifications

A long-standing community request has been the need to surface notifications for those on the Watchlist of a Work Item. With v12, we are delivering on this in an incredibly familiar experience to those using Notify Analyst with a new Settings Configuration in the SCSM Console to pick, choose, enable and define your own Templates.

Finally, we’re also giving you the opportunity to decide how Watchlist notification emails go out. Now when comments are left on Work Items, you can choose:

  • Single email: All Watchlist users are included on a single notification
    • In this case all watchers are known to one another
  • Multiple emails: All Watchlist users receive their own individual notifications
    • In this case all watchers are unknown to each other
SMP v 12 6 1

Console App Update: Notify Analyst

As for the update to Notify Analyst in the Cireson Portal, we also have an update for this SCSM console app for those interested in cutting down noise on their Reminder Notifications. And with that, we’re giving you the ability to choose whether to Include Pending Manual Activities on said reminders.

SMP v 12 7

Ready to try the new Cireson Portal features? Download Cireson Portal for SCSM v12 now!

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