Cireson Portal for Service Manager v12.1 Has Launched

The Cireson Portal for Service Manager v12.1 is now available. With this latest release of the Service Manager Portal (SMP) for System Center Service Manager (SCSM), we have combined two key features of the v12 release to provide a singular, seamless experience.  

When Global Search was introduced, it provided a straightforward way to find anything in your organization’s environment through a single search experience. 

When Analytics Archiver was introduced with v11.5, we simultaneously improved core SCSM performance and went beyond the native SCSM data warehouse capabilities with the ability to store information as long as you wanted. 

And with the release of v12.1 of SMP, we’ve now combined those two features into a single experience. Giving you all new levels of searchability across SCSM now, and well past SCSM’s grooming retention. 

Search Analytics Archive with Global Search 

While combining these features was no small task, the configuration could not be easier. Start by navigating to Global Search configuration, select a “Class” you wish to look for in the Archive, edit its settings and check “Include Archive.” 

image 1

Once you’ve selected what you want to search from Analytics Archive, be sure to “Save” these changes. Now when using Global Search, results will be returned from the live (operational) database + Analytics Archiver. But when you select a result and load the respective “Work Item” you’ll see where they are from. 

An Archived Incident 

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An Active (Submitted) Service Request 


Now with this latest update in v12.1, you can find anything and everything from a single search experience, regardless of where that data lives. 

Ready to try the new Cireson Portal features? Download Cireson Portal for SCSM v12.1 now 

SMP baseline v12 will be arriving in Q1 2024.  

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