How to Add Custom Fields in the Cireson Portal for Service Manager

Sometimes when working on Incidents you might need an additional property that isn’t available out of the box.  Maybe you want to tag incidents as “VIP.” Maybe you want to add a custom field.  Fortunately, Microsoft has provided the Authoring tool capable of extending the Incident Class, and with the Cireson Portal for Service Manager, it’s super easy to bring these extensions into the Incident form!

How to Add a Custom Field

Let’s go step by step:

First in the Class Browser you want to select All Management Packs and scroll down to the Incident class.  Right click and select View.


Then in the Management Pack Explorer, right click Incident and select Extend Class


It will ask you to save the customization in a Management Pack:


Click New and give your Management Pack a name.

Now with Extension of Incident selected in the Management Pack Explorer click Create Property…:


It will ask you to give the new property a name.  I’ll call my first one VIP:


Since I want this one to be a checkbox in the Incident Form, I’ll change the Data Type to Bool:

Custom Fields

Next, I’m going to also add a custom string field.  I’ll simply call that one Custom Field:


Now click Save All and the Management Pack is ready for import.


In the SCSM console we can import our new Management Pack with our new properties.

In Administration with Management Packs selected, click the Import task:


Click Add and browse to the location where you saved the Management Pack above.  Then click Import:


Since we didn’t seal the management pack it will warn us, but it should import successfully:


Now our new custom properties are part of the Incident Class and we can bring them forward in the Cireson Portal for Service Manager.

First, we copy the default Incident form from c:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\Scripts\forms\templates:


And paste it in the c:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\CustomSpace folder:


Next, we’ll edit that template and add our new custom properties:


The new lines are 19 for Custom Field and 58 for VIP.  Note the commas above the new lines.  Note also that I’ve made Custom Field required by adding “Required: true.”

Now the customizations should be visible in the portal:


Hopefully I’ve shown that adding a new property to the Incident Class in SCSM and adding it to the form in the Cireson Portal for Service Manager is not difficult at all.

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