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New Security Release Features Console App Installer

The latest version of our Management Packs for Service Manager are out now! Improved Security for Your Organization, Ease of Use for Your Administrators Our latest management pack releases include new functionality that moves them up to the latest security standards with TLS 1.2/SHA256 as the new normal for your deployment. It also includes behind the scenes functionality of accessing

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The ITSM KPIs That Matter Most In a Post-Covid World

The way we all work changed significantly in 2020. The global workforce has largely shifted to remote work and, despite the world’s best efforts, the status of work is not going back to normal any time soon. In March and April, the pressure was so present it felt like you

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Studies Show a Good ITSM User Experience Increases Happiness

Whether you’ve considered user experience a priority for your service desk in the past or not, you absolutely must consider it a priority in the post-Covid world we’re currently living in. Why? Because IT Support Experience has quickly transitioned to include Remote Work Experience. HappySignals, a company focused on helping

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4 Ways to Fortify Admin Rights When Support Teams Go Remote

Managing admin rights for support staff has always been a challenge but the goal remains unchanged:   “Give staff enough access to get their job done and operate effectively without increasing unwanted risk or complexity.”    The Differences Between On-Premise and Remote Admin Rights  Supporting a remote workforce does require different best practices than an

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Cireson Portal for SCSM V10 Release

In the v10 release we will be bringing all the features from the 9.4+ latest releases into the baseline release along with many customer fixes. Highlights of new features that will be available in the v10 Baseline release. The biggest feature that will now be available in the baseline release,

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4 IT Support Best Practices for Newly Remote Companies

For many organizations the move to remote support for all, or most analysts, is a new way of working – going from a centralized service desk to working from their homes. Most organisations have had to make this move to some degree or another, but as the dust of the

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Why Web-Facing ITSM Portals Are Critical for Remote Companies

During this unprecedented time of disruption in IT support teams across all industries world-wide, we are all struggling to make sense of how we are now working and how to best support our end users not only to transition to their own home offices, but also to continue to be productive in their

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4 Often Ignored SCCM Data Points Crucial for Tracking Remote Assets

The corporate world has been talking about the benefits of “Working from Home” or “Remote Workers” for many years now. Despite the benefits, complacency seemed to outweigh the potential benefits, making this cultural shift more of a luxury. That all changed with Covid-19. Regardless of industry, all companies were now

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