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Test E-Mail Notification Workflows Without Flooding Your End Users

When creating or updating e-mail notification templates within SCSM you will find that you want to test them and ensure that the correct e-mail template is being sent out at the right time to the right people before putting the modifications in to production. System Center Service Manager (SCSM) has a single e-mail communications channel to send e-mails. Set this to any SMTP server and

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Cireson Portal for SCSM – The Precision Release (v10.4)

Let’s start the new year the only way we know how – with updates to the Service Manager portal and Asset Management! Available on our latest branch is the recently released v10.4 of the Service Manager Portal and v8.4 of Asset Management – collectively known as the Precision Release. With this release, we’re giving you deeper portal navigation, granular Cache Builder

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How to Navigate Reporting Roadblocks by Extending Cireson Analytics

The Service Manager Data Warehouse is a powerful tool but can be complex to work with and comes with a big footprint. We’ve worked with customers that wanted to drop their Data Warehouse but run into major reporting challenges retaining and reporting on data from work item class extensions. There are several ways you could approach this, and the solution we came up with was to create

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Transform Your SCSM Experience with Cireson’s Integrations

Cireson’s recent blog feature over at Microsoft highlights the best integrations for SCSM that we’ve developed over the years. From free apps, to transformative solutions for your System Center Service Manager experience, we’ve got you covered! Get your feet wet with our top 3 free apps: Advanced Send Email Auto Close Notify Analyst Take it up a notch – transform

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4 Ways to Integrate Applications with Service Manager

Integrate Applications with Service Manager When I work on client projects, I’m commonly asked “Can we integrate applications XYZ with Service Manager?” That immediately gets the wheels turning for me to come up with a solution that takes two different systems that know nothing about each other and teaches them to communicate.      With any integration, the first question you

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Teams Integration for SCSM is Live With v10.3

While a web facing Cireson SCSM Portal provides your end users an experience they are familiar with, companies across the globe continue to depend on Microsoft Teams in the new remote world. That’s why IT Monkey is swinging in to help bridge the gap between your portal experience with new portal and chat-based functionality through Teams Integration; lighting up conversation

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Microsoft System Center Support Dates and SCSM Lifecycle Management

SCSM & Lifecycle Management  With the end of the year just around the corner, we tend to strategize for the upcoming year. This time of year, I’ve gotten into the habit of looking at Microsoft product support dates to see which products might be leaving the “supported world” in the upcoming year. If you’re unfamiliar, Microsoft breaks down their support model

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Defining the Hybrid Environment – Remote Access Blog Series – Part 1

The way we connect to our work environments has been drastically changed as more companies go remote. Recently at Cireson, we’ve had multiple clients engage us about all of the options we have to expose an on-premises System Center Service Manager (SCSM) and Cireson Service Manager Portal (SMP) instance outside of the their secure network. This prompted us to come up with some best practices on creating a

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Latest Release: Asset Excel v8.2

The latest version of Asset Excel introduces ease of access to more Asset Management classes alongside a wealth of brand-new search capabilities.  Administrative Item Enhancements in Asset Excel You can now access even more Asset classes with just a single click in Excel. Which means not only can you pull items such as Subnets, but you can also batch create those new items as well!  Search Enhancements 

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3 Ways to Effectively Implement AI in Your Organization 

Implement AI in Your Organization  The rise of AI and automated systems has given small and medium businesses the power to scale their operations and improve service delivery. According to Forbes, 70 percent of IT professionals maintain that AI can help them improve operational efficiency.  In the same Forbes article, it is noted that 86 percent of users prefer to interact

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Definitive Service Manager PowerShell: Part 7 – Examples You Can Use

With the 8 commands mastered, let’s look at some Service Manager PowerShell functions you can take and begin using in your environment immediately.   Add-ActionLogEntry Having retrieved a Work Item object via Get-SCSMObject, you can use this function to add an Action Log entry to it. What makes this function so useful is that it can handle Incidents, Service Requests,

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