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Why choose Cireson over

Microsoft ‘out of the box’ self-service?

At Cireson, we have always wanted to provide even more value to the amazing power of Microsoft Service Manager. Over the years, we have released numerous apps for the community to help maximize their System Center investment. After listening to our customers’ and partners’ feedback on how we can further help the community, and in conjunction with the forthcoming release of Service Manager 2016, we decided to make our popular Self-Service Portal free for everyone’s benefit.

The Cireson Self-Service Portal for end users is a complete replacement of the Microsoft Self-Service Portal for Service Manager. Empower your end users to perform everyday self-service tasks by providing an easy to use, personalized experience when reporting incidents, searching the knowledge base, and requesting services from the service catalog.

Features Cireson Self-Service Microsoft Self-Service
User Experience
One Click to Request Offering Form
Full-Content Search On Knowledge Base
Multi-Faceted Search of Offerings and Articles
Advanced Announcements for End Users
Integrated Knowledge Management
Work Item Dashboards
Caching for Optimized Performance
Device Agnostic HTML 5 Architecture
Work with Native Request Offerings
Multi-Language Support
Personalized User Views
Team Centric Views
Built in Tools to Customize Portal Themes
Multiple Service Catalog Layout Options
Easily Customize Forms and Tasks
Future-Proof Portal Customizations
Role-Based Security for Service Catalogs
Knowledge Manager Dashboard
Extendibility (Additional Paid Apps)
Dynamic Request Offering Forms
Integrated Analyst Experience
Integration with Asset Management
Automated and Integrated Surveys
My Calendar App for Your Work Schedule
Advanced Search
Publish Custom Views and Searches
Dashboard Designer


  • Adaptive to cater for the hyperconnected mobile world we live in for any device
  • 100% browser, mobile device, and OS agnostic
  • Provide end-users with a single consumer friendly storefront experience
  • Empower end-users to log their own incidents and service requests without the need to contact the service desk
  • Integrated HTML Knowledge Base for end-users to solve their own problems
  • Improve communication between IT and the business with Advanced Announcements
  • End-users can easily personalize their own Portal experience
  • Drive down costs and improve overall end-user happiness

Customer Reviews

self service testimonial 1

You don’t understand how much I love your product. It has single handedly saved my Service Management implementation. Thank you!

Razin Bouzar – ExactTarget


Razin Bouzar – ExactTarget

You don’t understand how much I love your product. It has single handedly saved my Service Management implementation. Thank you!

self service testimonial 2

Everything in the portal saves time for our users. It is very simple to work with, and every item is easy to find.

Jean-Sébastien Huot – Addenda Capital


Jean-Sébastien Huot – Addenda Capital

Everything in the portal saves time for our users. It is very simple to work with, and every item is easy to find.

Download the Cireson Self-Service Portal – Community

To download the free Self-Service Portal – Community app from Cireson, please complete the below form and we will automatically send you the app via e-mail. Registration will include you in all future notifications for updates to this app as they are released.

This is not just any free app; it’s a cost-reducing, enterprise-grade solution that will immediately deliver significant gains to your organization. To help meet your success criteria, we’ll connect with you after 45 days to ensure you’re having the best possible experience and help you further maximize your self-service efforts. Throughout your journey, we’re here to understand your current experience, answer your questions, and help you meet your goals.

If you already have the Cireson Self-Service Portal installed in your environment and want to upgrade to the latest version,there’s no need to re-submit the form. Instead, please email and we’ll send you the latest version.

Formal Cireson Support (phone, email, and web) is not included with the free Self-Service Portal – Community app. Take advantage of the Cireson Community to connect with other customers and Cireson experts for technical assistance. If you’d like to purchase a Support Package, please contact us today for the pricing options.

Let’s talk. Please complete the form, or if you require immediate assistance then call + 1 (855) 871-1232.

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