The Foundation Edition

Below is a description of the apps that you are licensed for under the Cireson Foundation Edition.

Service Management apps in Foundation Edition: 
  • Self-Service Portal – Community: A complete replacement of the Microsoft Self-Service Portal for Service Manager. 100% browser, device, and OS freedom.
  • Analyst Portal: Manage Microsoft Service Manager on the fly from any browser or device. Access incidents, changes, service requests, CMBD, rich reporting, and more.
  • CMDB Portal: Manage Microsoft Service Manager Configuration Items on the fly from any browser or device. Access CIs including users, computers, business services and software.
  • Advanced Request Offering: Create dynamic forms with intelligent logic to streamline service offerings provided to the End User.
  • Analytics: Access valuable data and key performance metrics at a glance with powerful reports and custom dashboards.
  • Lifecycle Management: Automate the migration process for the entire lifecycle of your SCSM environment.
  • My Calendars: In one click, view your team or work items assigned to you, making tracking and scheduling a breeze.
  • Outlook Console: Experience full SCSM integration with Microsoft Outlook. Create, edit, approve, and complete work items.
  • Project Server Connector: Seamlessly integrate SCSM with Microsoft Project 2013 to view and synchronize valuable data to align your projects, schedules, and processes.
  • Skype for Business Integration: Integrate Skype for Business conversations with SCSM.
  • Survey App: The Survey App works in conjunction with the Cireson Analyst Portal, providing your IT department the ability to conduct surveys tailored to your needs.
  • SMA Connector: A connector between SCSM and Service Management automation to enable automating all or part of important IT processes.
Console Management apps in Foundation Edition: 
  • My Active Work Items: Easily manage your incidents, problems, service requests, changes, releases, and activities in a single view.
  • PowerShell Activity: Simplify and enhance the automation of system tasks and common processes within the native SCSM Console.
  • Group Assign: Improve work item reassignments by easily allowing Analysts to be associated with support groups.
  • View Builder: Enhance SCSM views by displaying rich information and allowing for advanced creating, editing, and managing of views.
  • Change Calendar: Visualize all scheduled change requests within a single calendar view.
  • Affected User: Gather initial information from a customer to help direct support towards an Incident or Service Request.
  • Notify Analyst Pro: Easily set and send email notifications to Analysts and associated support groups when work items are assigned or re-assigned.
  • Preview Pane: View all work items in a clean, crisp, and re-written Preview Pane.
  • Risk Calculator: Automatically calculate and measure the risk of change requests following business logic.
  • Tier Watcher: Receive Outlook style pop-up notifications when work items are assigned.
  • Release Calendar: Visualize all scheduled release records within a single calendar view.

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