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Cireson Analytics Archiver

Cireson Portal for Service Manager v11.5 and Analytics Archiver

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM), you have no doubt interacted with Service Manager’s “grooming” settings. These settings define the amount of time a closed “work item” remains in SCSM before it’s groomed out, never to be seen again. In fact, the only way to retrieve historical “work item” information is to

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Community Open Floor: V11.4.2 Release and INNOVATE 2022 Anticipation

With the baseline release of Cireson Portal for Service Manager V11.4.2 out and available for download, this Community Open Floor conversation centered on it, preferred Cireson product development cycles, your plans for upgrades and topics you want to see at the upcoming INNOVATE 2022 virtual conference. v11.4.2 What to Expect To better support customers planning upgrades, Cireson has evolved product

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Cireson: working with relationships and PowerShell in SCSM

How to Work with Relationships in PowerShell

Following setup in parts 1-5 of this PowerShell series, Cireson Product Manager Adam Dzyacky ties everything together in this blog, with an emphasis on relationships and extracting meaning from data. Definitive Service Manager PowerShell Blog Series, Part 6 Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) contains a great deal of data about your environment, but you may not know how to

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creating efficiency with Cireson analytics archiver

Community Open Floor: Creating Efficiency with Learning, Short Cuts, Advice and Planning

Productive, active conversation is happening in the Community Open Floor Discussion Group, particularly from newly joined members and others seeking help. Welcome to all, and thanks to those who are lending advice, ideas and support. “Analytics and Auditing” Tool: It’s Coming! Anticipation is building for the release of the “analytics and auditing” tool and its ability to create efficiency. Expected

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SCSM and ITSM best practices by Cireson

Best Practices for Working with Microsoft System Center Service Manager

IT administrators can do a lot with Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) to improve its functionality out-of-the box. You can get a head start by following these best practices that help maximize your investment and increase productivity. Infrastructure and Planning Your Production Environment Let’s start at the beginning: planning your production environment. There are a few things to keep

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Cireson notification activity console app_image by Viktor

Community Open Floor: Working with Notification Activity

Last week we announced the launch of Cireson’s “notification activity” console app, which simplifies the process of updating stakeholders about Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) activity. But during our recent Community Open Floor meetup, we demonstrated its various features and discussed use cases for different environments. What Does Notification Activity Do? When you put a notification activity in the

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Cireson app notification activity

New Cireson Console App: Simplify Notifications with Notification Activity

During our recent Quarterly Webinar, we previewed a series of new Cireson portal features. Now the “notification activity” console app is available, making it easier to keep people updated about Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) activity. Flexibility: When and How you Use Notifications You may have previously relied on runbooks to update stakeholders in these types of situations: When

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reporting dashboard image by maslakhatul

Community Open Floor: Various Ways to Approach Forms and Dashboards

Various Ways to Approach Forms and Dashboards We know that there are usually various ways to achieve a goal, each associated with pros and cons. Last week during our Community Open Floor meetup, we discussed: Different ways to apply a drop-down list to a form Archive /analytics tool questions Flexible, data-rich forms and dashboards How to Prevent an Extension Pile

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Futureproof Your ITSM Plan for These Current Trends

We talked a lot about futureproofing your Microsoft Service Manager strategy last year at Cireson’s Innovate 2021 virtual conference, but what about external factors now broadly affecting IT service management (ITSM)? The pandemic has shifted how we support business and deliver technology, and the following trends should be on your radar moving forward. Employees Require Flexible Support in Hybrid /

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Customize technology_image by Digital Bazaar

Community Open Floor: Try Customizing Using These Tools

IT professionals are pretty notorious for making thing possible, but sometimes the technology we use for a specific purpose falls short. In the case of the traditional data warehouse, meant for reporting, you no longer need to cobble together a process or method to make it work for archiving. Cireson’s “archiving and analytics” tool, announced during our recent webinar, will

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