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Cireson Add-Ins offer no code functionality

Get Functionality Fast with Cireson Portal Add-Ins

You don’t have to be an expert in the Cireson Portal or Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) to get specific functionality quickly and inexpensively. One option available to all Cireson customers are Add-Ins, extensions that provide specific no code functionality that sits in between customization and baked-in features. How

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Upskill for ITSM photo by putilov_denis

How Left-Brained ITSM Experts Can Upskill for 2022

Change is sweeping the business climate, affecting how most companies source, create and deliver services, and how they engage with stakeholders. But IT Service Management (ITSM), which underpins nearly every aspect of organizations, is under more pressure. How ITSM professionals deliver value depends on the technology they introduce and manage,

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Cireson Q4 2021 Customer Update Webinar: Focus on Customer Experience

We’re coming off of a year of exciting product, service and support developments at Cireson, which is setting the stage for greater focus and cohesion around customer experience in 2022. Here’s a snapshot of the enhancements and plans discussed during our Q4 2021 Customer Update Webinar. New Staff Discipline: Customer

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Cireson Community Open Floor sessions

How to Use a Configuration Item Class in the Cireson Portal

How often does this happen: you create a custom list in the Cireson Portal for SCSM, but you can’t find it when you create a Request Offering? It’s a simple but common issue, one we covered recently in an Open Floor session. Community Open Floor: Covering Configuration Item Classes In

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Cireson Portal for SCSM V11.3 Release

The Latest branch has been updated, and you’re going to see even more community requested functionality in Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.3, including expansion of Work Item grids and Microsoft Teams features. I’ll walk through the changes. Let’s get at it! Custom Work Item Grids You’re likely aware of Work

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5 Cireson Portal Features You Might Not Be Using and Should

There’s always something new to discover in Cireson’s Community Open Floor meetings, especially from fellow customers. That’s why we recently walked through 5 little-known Cireson Portal features that can make your life easier today. Here’s what we covered… RA and MA Completion Pages: Protect Parent Work Item   Use approval

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Do You Already Own the Ideal Service Desk and Asset Management Solution? 

When organizations review their ITSM solution and look to the market for potential replacements, Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) is usually left off the list. After all, SCSM is not new, and the uninformed may think it isn’t a competitive long-term option. However, Microsoft recently announced a 2022 version and an intention to develop the solution in conjunction with ever-increasing Azure offerings. When evaluating ITSM products, many customers favor highly marketed SaaS offerings that are cloud-based or have cloud-enabled functionality. They offer some form of streamlining or automation to simplify ticket management, configuration flexibility, communication and/or

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SCSM Data Warehouse. Do I Need One? 

When I’m designing a Microsoft System Center Service Manager Solution (SCSM) for customers and we get to the topic of reporting, questions inevitably arise about data warehouse. Is it needed? The main concern that customers have is the number of resources a data warehouse consumes.  Microsoft recommends at least two

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V11.2.1 Expands Cireson Portal Administrative Functionality

V11.2.1 gives administrators and analysts a way to centralize even more administration in the Cireson Portal, by importing Configuration Item Templates from the Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) console. Sure, you’re used to being able to create and edit Work Items in the portal. But working with Configuration Items was a different experience, relying on connectors to bring Configuration Items in

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4 Signs Your Current ITSM Solution is a Keeper

With so many new technology systems vying for space—and your attention—in the market, it might appear that you need to change your ITSM solution. After all, there are numerous cloud-based SaaS products that appear to reflect the future, or at least the space to pursue now. But you may already

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Cireson Portal for SCSM –  v11.2

v11.2 of the Cireson Portal has arrived, and with it we’re continuing to address feature requests from the community around Cireson Analytics and Global Search. Cireson Analytics Some long standing questions on reporting have been, “What about Comments?” and “What about the Action Log?” Without the ability to report on

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ITSM Management: 3 Ways IT Can Better Support Remote Workers

Nearly 42 percent of U.S. employees previously working in an office are remote now, according to CNBC All America Survey. It’s an abrupt change for the IT department, which may have already been focused on enabling rapid business growth and the security demands that come with it. IT is more multi-faceted

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