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Self-Service Portal

A complete replacement of the Microsoft Self-Service Portal for Service Manager. 100% browser, device, OS freedom. No SharePoint or Silverlight required. Ever.

Asset Management

Control all your IT hardware and software assets from the technical, organizational, and financial perspective through their entire lifecycle.

Analyst Portal

Manage Service Manager operations from any browser or device. Access incidents, service requests, CMDB, rich reporting, and much more. No SharePoint or Silverlight required. Ever.

Outlook Console

Experience full Service Manager integration within Microsoft Outlook. Create, edit, approve, and complete work items from this game-changing app.


Powerful data at your fingertips and insights into how a service management team is performing. Helps to also identify hot spots and trends in the data.

Lync Integration

Integrate Microsoft Lync conversations with Service Manager seamlessly.

My Active Work Items

Easily manage your incidents, problems, service requests, changes, releases, and activities all in a single work view.

Knowledge Base

A complete replacement for the out-of-the-box Rich Text Format (RTF) knowledge base in SCSM - built on HTML.

Asset Excel

Use this app and interface with our Asset Management app in order to make your data straightforward to manage through the power of Excel.

Group Assign

Improve work item reassignments by easily allowing analysts to be associated with support groups.

View Builder

Take Service Manager views to the next level by displaying rich and sophisticated information, and allowing for advanced creating, editing, and managing of views.

Change Calendar

Visualize all scheduled change requests within a single calendar view.

SMA Connector

A connector between Service Manager and Service Management Automation to enable automating all or part of important IT processes.

Release Calendar

Visualize all scheduled release records within a single calendar view.

Notify Analyst Pro

Easily configure your business critical notifications across all process and activity areas.

Asset Import

Import CSV files from any source and on scheduled intervals without requiring any XML code knowledge.

Preview Pane

View all work items in a clean, crisp, and re-written Preview Pane.

Risk Calculator

Automatically calculate and measure the risk of change requests following business logic.

Tier Watcher

Receive Outlook style pop-up notifications when work Items are assigned.

Affected User

Gather initial information from a customer to help direct support towards an Incident or service request.

Auto Close Free

(FREE) Configure how many days an incident, service request, change, etc. should be closed.

Remote Manage Free

Quickly deploy software, run diagnostic processes, view and manipulate services, processes, view information, and more, all without the end-users interaction.

Advanced Send Email Free

(FREE) Allows an analyst to send an email to the affected user or other recipients from the context of an Incident in the Service Manager console.

Action Log Notify Free

(FREE) The Service Manager Action Log Notify app notifies the assigned to analyst when an end user comment is added and notifies the affected user when an analyst comment is added.

Time Tracker Free

Record the amount of time spent working on other types of work items - either directly from a view of Work Items via a console task or from a work item form.

Notify Analyst Free

Quickly configure the essential communications around Incident and Service Request Management to streamline your operations.

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