Introducing Tikit, Cireson’s New Microsoft Teams-based Service Desk Solution

Introducing Tikit by Cireson Microsoft Teams-based IT service desk solution

One exciting announcement to come out of INNOVATE 2022 is Tikit, Cireson’s new IT service desk solution built exclusively for Microsoft Teams. This gives Cireson Service Manager Portal (SMP) customers flexibility to integrate a desired degree of innovative Teams-based functionality into Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) or migrate to a simpler, native cloud SaaS solution. There are a variety of ways customers can engage cloud-based tools to serve their environments, and Tikit by Cireson represents a particularly interesting option.

What is Tikit?

Tikit is a standalone modern ticketing solution that integrates with Microsoft 365. It captures the conversational, eased experience of Teams for end users and support analysts. But it takes a different approach to IT service management. Tikit:

The difference is eye-opening and seamless from both an analyst and end user perspective. You can see how Tikit works in its demo and in Cireson Chief Technology Officer James Kleinschnitz’ overview during the INNOVATE 2022 keynote address.  

Tikit: Migrate or Integrate for Desired Functionality

What’s most exciting is that SMP users can fully integrate Tikit to extend SCSM functionality, or they can enhance SCSM in degrees, using Microsoft Power Automate to integrate specific Tikit features like AI-powered ticket deflection. As with SMP, Tikit’s Roadmap and customer feedback plays a major role in feature development and prioritization.

It might be helpful to hear from a SMP customer who was forced to reevaluate its SCSM platform once the organization began downsizing and scaling back. Luby’s Restaurant Group’s IT team shared its experience during INNOVATE 2022, particularly the journey from ServiceNow to SCSM to a cloud service desk product in Tikit—a better fit for the company today.

Your path may or may not resemble Luby’s, but you can right size your ITSM environment, whether it involves on-prem, cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

We recognize that there is a lot of information to take in, and we welcome conversation about your needs and plans to determine the best course of action for those interested in ways to expand SCSM functionality.

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