Innovate 2021 Agenda: Futureproof Your Microsoft Service Manager Strategy

You work in IT, so you know how quickly new technologies can affect organizations, departments and individual performance. But you may not know how to:

  • Upskill.
  • Manage volume of IT knowledge, product and industry news, and determine what’s meaningful, valuable and/or practical.
  • Integrate different technologies to get desired results.
  • Understand what possibilities exist—or how to think outside of the box.

The world is calling for more technology, product and service innovation. But from where we sit, one of the best applications of innovation in IT is a new perspective. Moving beyond a break/fix pattern of thinking decreases stress, workload, time drain, and it empowers. You might be surprised at the problems you are able to solve—and the speed you solve them in.

Components of futureproofing: 3 ways to continually adapt

Innovate 2021 will dive into the concepts we all are dealing with, including:

  • Process improvement: how to quantify effectiveness and your value.
  • Automation: how to identify automation opportunities to minimize grind and elevate your game.
  • Integration: extend value of your tech investments by de-siloing with help from Microsoft Azure.

Throughout the conference, you will see use cases and presentations that demonstrate different approaches and thought processes, followed by practical “how-to” instruction. Rationale: technology makes it possible to do almost everything, but we are starting with “what problem do you want to solve?” Interested in attending? We’d love to see you there. Register now!

What’s on tap for Innovate 2021? Here’s the agenda for the day.

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Innovate 2021

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