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The essentials are covered by our free Notify Analyst app. Quickly configure the necessary communications around Incident and Service Request Management to streamline your operations. This app provides an intuitive interface to configure all work items to automatically send e-mail notifications to an Analyst, or their associated support groups by selecting dropdowns and check boxes.

With the introduction of this app to your System Center Service Manager implementation, you no longer have to waste time on managing specific XML for each work item class.



  • Set assignment and re-assignment emails between analysts for all base work item types
  • Set assignment and re-assignment emails to support groups
  • Multilingual support
  • Support for custom change request and manual activities support Group enumerations
  • Send scheduled summary email report to analyst on work items assigned to them
  • Set delays in sending emails up to 2 minutes
  • Prefix matching for designated AD groups
  • Skip notifications for self assignment
  • Skip support group notification for Analysts already assigned in that support group
  • Skip non-mail enabled support groups
  • Skip notification if already assigned to an Analyst
  • Set a workflow logging path
  • Automatic communication between Analysts and End Users
  • Increase visibility across the organization
  • Provide End Users immediate email visibility as a Work Item is updated
  • Allow Analysts to be aware of End User notes

Solution Inspiration

Service Manager allows for you to create e-mail notifications to analysts upon assignment and re-assignment for all work items. However, in order to create these notifications you must modify XML, perform SQL lookups to find notify template IDs, and import MPs. Effectively have a PhD in technology. Who wants to do that? The Notify Analyst app solves this challenge!

Customer Reviews

“Since implementing Service Manager, we had used a number of methods to notify affected users and analysts and none were complete. This Cireson tool made the notifications easier to manage and maintain.”

Calcasieu Parish Police Jury

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