Lifecycle Management

The Cireson Lifecycle Management app is a must-have for any successful migration and long-term implementation of Microsoft Service Manager, helping organizations automate the migration process for the entire lifecycle of their Service Manager environment.

Some of the major benefits are:

  • Migrate from Service Manager 2012 to Service Manager 2016, reducing manual workload by over 70%
  • Control data promotion by migrating management packs and selecting components to move from testing and staging, through to development and production
  • Shorten the time to release updates to the organization
  • Standardize processes to adhere to industry best practices
  • Quickly and easily realign your production and development environments
  • Consolidate multiple environments into a single environment for reduced administrative overhead

Instead of an ‘all or nothing’ approach, this app lets you choose what data, configurations, and objects to migrate (including parent/child work items, related objects and runbook data) for a truly configurable experience.

When moving environments, we recommend a managed Migration with the Cireson Services Team to provide a cohesive, automated experience. From planning, implementation, movement and testing to system-wide training, our team of System Center experts will help ensure your organization has the tools and knowledge to deploy and migrate environments in the future with ease.



  • Export an entire environment and ensure only the necessary Management Packs are copied using intelligent comparison, dependency checking, and targeted exclusions
  • Snapshot (cold replica) your current known configuration environment to promote consistency and standardization
  • Copy work items by class and status including complex work items that include multi-layer nested activities
  • Copy relationships for work items and configuration items based on certain criteria
  • Copy additional items like runbook IDs, enumerations stored in system MPs and related objects on any object
  • Automatically relate migrated service offerings and request offerings between two environments
  • Easily copy Service Level objectives between two environments
  • Automatically copy DLL files and requires Management Pack resources to the target environment
  • Maintain a separate development environment without any need for database restorations or production resources
  • Maintain a separate development environment without any need for database restorations or production resources
  • Supports the Cireson Asset Management solution including Asset Management, Asset Excel, Asset Import and Asset Barcode apps
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