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Microsoft Service Manager Lifecycle Management

The Cireson Lifecycle Management app is a must-have for any successful migration and long-term implementation of Microsoft Service Manager (SCSM), helping organizations automate the migration process for the entire lifecycle of their Service Manager environment. Instead of an ‘all or nothing’ approach, this app lets you choose what data, configurations, and objects to migrate (including parent/child work items, related objects and runbook data) for a truly configurable experience.

  • Migrate from SCSM 2012 or SCSM 2016 to SCSM 2019, reducing manual workload by over 70%
  • Control data promotion by migrating management packs and selecting components to move from development, through to testing and staging, and production.
  • Shorten the time to release updates to the organization
  • Standardize processes to adhere to industry best practices
  • Quickly and easily realign your staging, production, and development environments
  • Consolidate multiple environments into a single environment for reduced administrative overhead
Every environment is unique and poses specific challenges and opportunities for improvement. To ensure the most successful experience and results, we recommend a managed migration with the Cireson Services Team to provide a cohesive, automated experience. From planning, implementation, movement, and testing to system-wide training, our team of System Center experts will work with you to plan your migration, minimize risk, and ensure post-migration success.
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“The mobility and efficiency provided by the Analyst Portal has completely shifted the way we operate.”
Chris Akeroyd
UMC Health Systems

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