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The Advanced Send Email app for the Cireson Portal and Microsoft Service Manager allows Analysts to send emails to the Affected User or other recipients from within the context of an incident. This app facilitates quicker and more efficient communication between Analysts and End Users, leading to more timely Incident Resolution.


  • Attach files to outbound emails
  • Analysts can choose a notification template, see the content of the message body based on the template, and change the text before sending the email
  • Analysts can optionally add the message body to the action log of the incident automatically
  • Add additional recipients to the “TO” or “CC” before sending the email
  • Admins can filter the list of available notification templates based on a naming convention

Solution Inspiration

System Center Service Manager allows Analysts to send email notifications to affected users via workflows and subscriptions. However, there isn’t a way for an Analyst to choose when to send an email to an affected user based upon the need to update, request information, or communicate with their customer. This makes managing a work item extremely difficult as you are now forced to use Outlook for this basic type of communication. Advanced Send Email app to the rescue!

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