Advanced Request Offering

Intelligent Incident, Change and Service Requests

With the Advanced Request Offering app for SCSM, you can extend the out of box Request Offering tools provided by Microsoft to build significantly more complex, and intelligent requests into your Incident and Service Request processes. 

Advanced Request Offering for the Cireson Service Manager Portal lets you upgrade and transform the Request Offerings you have today to minimize rework while introducing improvements to any process. Key Features includes the ability to conditionally display any prompt based on the outcome of another. Does the text input contain a specific value? Was a checkbox checked? Or even, were specific Configuration Items selected? All of these and more can dynamically drive the layout and logic for an Advanced Request Offering. 

And to make Configuration Item/Query Prompts in Advance Request Offering even more powerful, you can map the properties of selected Configuration Items directly into Work Item fields. Whether it’s the IP addresses of 10 servers, the manufacture of chosen Assets, or even the department of several users you have total control over how data flows into a Request. 

Apart from controlling layout logic, you can also optionally use Advanced Request Offering to: 

  • Drive users to specific links instead of Request Offerings helping you further centralize all of your requesting needs in a single place 
  • Group prompts into their own dedicated pages on the Cireson Service Manager portal for a more visually pleasing layout 
  • Further integrate with other complimentary Cireson solutions such as PowerShell, Delay, Notification, and Cloud Activities 

All of this comes together and extends itself even into Change Requests.  Which means you can design and build mature Change Request processes. Thereby allowing you to close the loop on break (Incident), request (Service), and modification (Change) entirely through the Cireson Portal. 


Solution Inspiration

Inspired from the voices of our customers, the Cireson Advanced Request Offering app was created to enable the dynamic capture of vital information and exact delivery of Incident and Service Request fulfillment that customers require.  Reducing the lag often found with the mundane back-and-forth communication strategy delivered in the out of the box solution, Cireson has redefined the rules and created a product that will be an essential cornerstone of your request fulfillment process.  Finally, your request offerings will think like a human and drill down on the information needed to automate, resolve and close requests.

Customer Reviews

“The mobility and efficiency provided by the Analyst Portal has completely shifted the way we operate.”
Chris Akeroyd
UMC Health Systems

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