Intelligent Incident, Change and Service Requests

The Advanced Request Offering app for SCSM enables your organization to build much needed and required intelligence into your Incident, Change and Service Request processes. Real-time information gathering helps automate the communication process, pushing delivery of critical and desired services to your business. Provide instant delivery and gratification to your customers and business stakeholders based on precise, data driven decisions.


  • Conditional branching (or Skip Logic) creates a custom path through the request offering that varies based on a customer’s answers
  • Request Offering Sectioning (or paging) allows you to customize how your questions are grouped and presented to your customer, providing logical breaks to guide your customer effortlessly through the request process
  • Support for all standard Response Types (Required, Optional, Display) and the addition of a Hidden Response Type to embed critical data decisions from the Administrative point of view
  • Support for all standard Data Types (Text, Date, Decimal, Integer, Enumeration, Query, Simple List and File Attachment)
  • Many-to-One data mapping allows you to easily map multiple inputs to a single data field for easy summation of the request to the description and a multitude of other uses
  • Support for native and HTML5 Knowledge Base relationships allows you to easily surface key information, regardless of the source
  • Standard History, Owner and Status capabilities allow for standard and expected usage

Solution Inspiration

Inspired from the voices of our customers, the Cireson Advanced Request Offering app was created to enable the dynamic capture of vital information and exact delivery of Incident and Service Request fulfillment that customers require.  Reducing the lag often found with the mundane back-and-forth communication strategy delivered in the out of the box solution, Cireson has redefined the rules and created a product that will be an essential cornerstone of your request fulfillment process.  Finally, your request offerings will think like a human and drill down on the information needed to automate, resolve and close requests.

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