SCSM Tier Watcher App

The Tier Watcher app provides Outlook style pop-up notifications via the system tray when incidents and service requests are re-assigned to you or your relevant support groups – regardless of whether the Service Manager Console is open or not. Beautiful! Double-click Tier Watcher in the system tray to be provided a dashboard for all of your assigned work.

With the introduction of this app to your Service Manager implementation, administrators no longer have to manage e-mail notifications, and analysts are provided intuitive pop-up notifications when incidents and service requests change hands from one team to another. Communication among your team members has never be easier.

The Tier Watcher app is compatible with Windows 10, Window 8.x and Windows 7.

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Solution Inspiration

System Center Service Manager allows for an analyst to re-assign incidents and service requests between support groups. However, unless an e-mail notification is triggered, there is no visibility to that re-assignment, or worse, the analyst must constantly monitor their support group’s view. Who wants that? Tier Watcher app solves this problem, and for that, analysts love it.

Tier Watcher

Customer Reviews

"Group assign allows us to keep the relationship between support groups and assigned users, this app allows us to assign work to the appropriate teams and report on the items resolved for the support group and drill down to the users on each team.”
Ray Rascher
Large Investment Firm

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