Group Assign App

The Group Assign app aligns an organization’s natural business requirement of grouping IT staff to IT groups with Service Manager. This app allows for analysts to be associated with support groups within the incident management and service request fulfillment area for group assignments.

With the introduction of this app to your Service Manager environment, assignments to analysts and support groups becomes easy and intuitive. You no longer have to search through Active Directory to assign to an analyst, or escalate to a support group. Assignments to analysts are visually simple as you only see the right analysts at the right time.

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Solution Inspiration

Service Manager allows for analysts to re-assign incidents and service requests to individual analysts or individual support groups. This makes assigning incidents or service requests very difficult as there is no filtered view for just analysts, or their associated support groups. This challenge inspired us to create an easier, more effective way of linking analysts and groups.

Group Assign

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