Cireson’s Time Tracker app enables an Analyst to record the amount of time spent working on other types of work items – either directly from a view of Work Items via a console task or from a work item form. For consistency, the user interface is essentially identical to the out of the box experience on the incident form.  Yet, we couldn’t just stop there! We added a handy ‘Add Timer’ button which allows the analyst to quickly add the amount of time that the work item form has been opened.

Included in the solution is a management pack bundle that adds the console task and form to Service Manager. Optionally, you can import the form customization management packs to customize each work item form to add a Time Worked tab to the form. Since Service Manager only allows one customization management pack per form, we have even provided the XML versions of these MP files so that you can open them in the authoring tool, add additional customization, and then reseal the management pack before importing into Service Manager.  Lastly, because Time Tracker uses the same underlying data model, any data entered will be automatically and immediately sent to the data warehouse for any type of Work Item.


  • Console task to open a form to view/edit time worked on all work item classes – including custom work item classes
  • Form customization management packs to show a time worked tab on the change request, manual activity, problem record, release record, review activity, and service request forms
  • Log time per user – quickly add time based on number of minutes or hours
  • Add Timer button allows a user to quickly add the amount of time for which the form has been open.

Solution Inspiration

Out of the box, System Center Service Manager provides the ability to track the amount of time an analyst works on incidents. This information is also automatically sent to the data warehouse for reporting. Unfortunately, out of the box Service Manager doesn’t provide a way to track this data for other types of work items like manual activities, service requests, change requests, problem records, or release records. So, we decided to create Time Tracker as a solution to this challenge.

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