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The Service Desk Ticker app enables an Analyst to create an announcement within Service Manager and communicate those announcements directly to an employee’s computer in real time.

  • Step #1 – Create announcement
  • Step #2 – Set title, expiration date, and priority
  • Step #3 – Press OK and instantaneously everyone in your organization is made aware of severities, warnings, or general messages

What does the employee see? An extremely clean ticker of information glides across the Windows Start menu letting them know the title and severity. The best part is that after the employee has read the message, all they have to do is click on the ticker to make the information disappear. Clean and simple.

How this helps your team:

  • SCSM Admins: Easy installation and configuration.
  • SCSM Analysts: Announcements of service outages or upcoming changes will reduce the number of resulting Incident Report work items being created.
  • End User: Knowing that IT is aware of an outage will keep end users from having to report an Incident that is already being handled.


Solution Inspiration

Out of the box, Service Manager allows you to create announcements, such as “Email is down, Internet is not working, maintenance in Building 2, Floor 4”, but doesn’t actually let you communicate those announcements to your organization in any way. So when we created the Cireson Self-Service Portal, we decided to create an announcement feature to display messages to any employee when logged into the Cireson Portal. 

Although an elegant remedy to the issue, the obvious shortcoming here is that an employee has to be logged into the Cireson Portal to see the announcements. In the end, we decided to create the Service Desk Ticker app to solve the inherent challenge of communicating important messages to employees across your organization in real time.

Service Desk Ticker Community

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Formal Cireson Support (phone, email, and web) is not included with the free Auto Close Community app. Take advantage of the Cireson Community to connect with other customers and Cireson experts for technical assistance. If you’d like to purchase a Support Package, please contact us today for the pricing options.

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